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  August 22nd, 2022 | Written by

How to Successfully Relocate Your Warehouse Facility

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Warehouses are often the core of any business that uses them. So, it should come as no surprise that the process of relocating one is trying and stressful. Still, if you know how to approach the task the right way, it can be made a lot easier than it would otherwise be. So, let’s discuss how to successfully relocate your warehouse facility!

Go over your inventory

You can’t say you’ve managed to successfully relocate your warehouse facility if you end up losing some of your inventory somewhere along the way. This is why you need to sit down and double then triple check your inventory. You might be surprised by some of the stuff you still have in your warehouse. Therefore, this can also be an excellent opportunity to declutter and rid yourself of excess items. Returned or damaged goods often get overlooked for a while, and if you notice this problem here, you need to work more on how to optimize waste management in your warehouse once you’ve moved. Naturally, it is just as important to check that everything made it through the move once you’ve settled in at your new address!

Make sure safety and maintenance are up to standard

You cannot successfully relocate your warehouse facility until you are sure the new premises are safe. Sometimes, even a warehouse’s previous owner or tenant misses specific issues. Minor roof leaks, for example, can go unnoticed for a while. And yet completely ruin some of your goods by the time they get severe enough to catch your eye. That’s without mentioning all the safety and health hazards you can find in old warehouses. If you are ‘inheriting’ shelving from old owners, ensure it is sturdy and not about to collapse and hurt your workers.

Compare layouts

Once you’ve gotten used to working in a warehouse, you’ll probably follow some rather strict routines. If the layout of the new warehouse is different from what you are used to, this can mess with daily operations. For example, the loading bay may be situated in a completely different way than before. Some warehouses have ample space between shelving and the loading area, while some open up for immediate access to your inventory. To successfully relocate your warehouse facility, you need to be able to overcome such differences and work through them quickly. Of course, this also gives you a chance to try out some of your organization ideas to improve efficiency in your warehouse.

Settle on your preferred shelving solution

If the warehouse didn’t come with shelving, or if you’ve decided it needs to be replaced, you need to settle this problem well before the move date. Thankfully, it is not all stress when it comes to this matter! You get to pick precisely the kind of shelves you want in your warehouse, which can positively impact work efficiency and safety. Typically speaking, shelving as tall as your warehouse can handle has been overwhelmingly popular because of how well it utilizes all available space. Remember that it also necessitates the appropriate machinery and training to handle it!

Account for shipment and delivery problems

Naturally, these changes will likely seriously impact your normal flow of accepting and sending out goods, especially while you are still setting up. You might very well encounter a situation where you need to accept a shipment or part with something in your inventory while you are still setting up. Naturally, this would make you incapable of doing your job. This is why you need to either temporarily reroute your flow of goods to other warehouses in the city or immediately unpack part of your machines and inventory so you can start working the moment you hit the ground. However, this will slow down your process of moving.

Communicate the changes to all partners

Of course, one thing you need to understand about doing business is that everything is connected. Your sudden change of warehouse address affects more than just you. Think about all the deliveries and shipment problems we’ve already gone over. They were just from your perspective! What happens when someone needs to pick up or deliver a shipment in your warehouse? If you don’t inform your partners of the changes on time, they will probably end up at the wrong address. This would seriously mess with their delivery schedules. It is not a good way to start work in a new warehouse!

Consider getting professional help

The final question you need to tackle is whether you want to make the move on your own. To successfully relocate your warehouse facility, there is no shame in looking for professional help. Professional movers know exactly how best to handle every aspect of the move. This allows them to avoid damage to your equipment and goods. And they would likely be able to complete the job faster and more efficiently than your personnel. There is simply a difference in experience that cannot be made up for quickly. 

Final word

Knowing how to successfully relocate your warehouse facility will make a huge difference when you go through the process. Ensuring the safety of everyone involved and the efficient completion of the task is paramount. So, even armed with our knowledge, make sure to be careful!

Author Bio

Allison Grange has worked as a warehouse manager for years, closely cooperating with Centennial Moving for most of her career. She knows a lot about how best to run a warehouse efficiently and loves to share her experienced through her blog posts.