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Top Import Markets for Transportation Vehicle Body

When it comes to importing transportation vehicle body parts, some countries stand out as the top import markets in the world. These countries have shown a consistent demand for transportation vehicle bodies, making them crucial players in the global market. Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 countries in terms of import value of transportation vehicle bodies. 1. Kazakhstan Kazakhstan … Read More

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NEW CSCMP AWARD: Gail Rutkowski Transportation Excellence Award

Nominations accepted through May 8, 2022 The Gail Rutkowski Transportation Excellence Award (GR-TEA) recognizes companies or individuals that have excelled… Read More

OFAC Issues Venezuela General License 8G Extending Authorization of Certain Transactions for U.S. Oil & Gas Companies

The U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) issued General License 8G (“GL 8G”), which authorizes five (5)… Read More


truck detention
Emily Newton 3:00 AM  2/16/2023

How to Avoid High Truck Detention Times

Efficiency is one of the most important traits for any fleet to have but one of the most challenging to achieve. While this is a multi-faceted issue, high truck detention time is among the most significant obstacles to fleet efficiency. Truck detention, where drivers must sit idle while waiting for their trucks to be loaded, is an almost universal challenge in the industry. According to a 2020 survey, 87% of truck drivers spend 17 to 29% of their possible driving time … Read More

trailer truck freight
Here are eight commonly overlooked processes that should have a spot in every maintenance checklist.
Tim Jay 4:05 AM  11/29/2022

The Uber-ization of US Trucking is only Speeding Up

US trucking is entering a tumultuous period that will likely reshape the $875 billion industry. Shipping rates that spiked during disruptions caused by the pandemic have plummeted — some are now calling it a “freight recession” — as inventory gluts across the US lowered demand. That has placed the sector at a disadvantage during annual contract negotiations now in full swing, but means retailers and other customers will benefit from lower transportation costs. if … Read More

emission drive battery fleet
Tim Jay 4:00 AM  4/14/2022

Fleet Advantage Helps Corporate Truck Fleets Certify GHG Output For New SEC Climate Disclosure Proposal

Fleet Advantage, a leading innovator in truck fleet business analytics, equipment financing, and life cycle cost management (LCCM), announced their program helps corporate truck fleets certify their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) output, recently mandated under a proposed rule issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Fleet Advantage is the only finance lessor that has been certifying such measures for a decade with a focus on tractor trailer fleets that operate high annual mileages (MPY). On March 21, the SEC issued … Read More

Global Logistics

Key Strategies for Boosting Profits in Logistics in 2024

Edrian Blasquino 4:00 AM  2/21/2024

The logistics industry stands at a pivotal point, with evolving technologies and shifting market dynamics presenting both challenges and opportunities. To capitalize on these trends, logistics companies must adopt a strategic approach. Here are nine key strategies detailed with helpful insights that can significantly enhance profitability in the logistics sector. 1. Comprehensive Technological Integration Integrating sophisticated technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the … Read More

Site Selection

Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky are where more than half of U.S. crushed stone production happens. CREDIT: iStock


Tom Wadlow 12:44 AM  3/13/2022

Manufacturers operate complex supply chains that, in many cases, involve the movement of raw materials and resources from different parts of the world into their factories.  It is an ever-moving puzzle. Indeed, manufacturing firms are often at the mercy of a range of factors outside of their control that can lead to disruptions, difficulties and, in extreme circumstances, halts in production.  A … Read More

Executive Getaways

While traveling abroad may be an industry standard, it can still pose some risks. In light of those risks, here are ten tips for supply chain employees to stay safe while traveling.



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Owen Carter 4:00 AM  8/26/2022

Meet The Five New Leaders Revolutionizing the E-commerce Industry Years ago, consumers only knew a few powerful entrepreneurs and business owners in the e-commerce industry. But things have changed in the past decades and will continue to progress in the coming years as many companies have entered the industry. When we want to learn about the man behind a company’s triumph, we … Read More


leadership rustand
“Each of us stands on the shoulders of all the women in our chosen professions who have come before us, who have blazed a trail."
Barbara Bell 5:52 AM  2/25/2022

How To Build Leadership Programs For Women In Your Organization

The percentage of women who hold leadership roles in business, higher education and government grows with each passing year – sometimes dramatically, sometimes incrementally. But every gain holds the promise of more gains, as young girls see opportunities previous generations didn’t. “Each of us stands on the shoulders of all the women in our chosen professions who have come before us, who have blazed a trail,” says Barbara Bell (, a professor of leadership at Vanderbilt University and author of  Flight Lessons: Navigating Through Life’s … Read More

Maine Maritime Academy’s Master of Science in Maritime Management (a.k.a. Master’s & Commander) combines the Small Vessel Operations and International Logistics Management programs. CREDIT: Billy Hathorn/Wikipedia Commons
Matt Coker 11:55 PM  12/17/2021


Whether you want to study at home or abroad, and/or in English or another language, there are numerous master-degree programs aimed at global trade professionals. For our purposes, we have identified intriguing educational opportunities, first in the U.S. and then around the world. DOMESTIC PROGRAMS Lamar University Beaumont, Texas Master of Science in Port and Terminal Management Lamar’s Department of Industrial Engineering, College of Engineering and College of Business have teamed with port and marine terminal leaders to offer port-management courses. The university claims its Master … Read More

Canadian Institute
SAVE 10% with Global Trade Magazine Code: D10-856-856BX01.
C5 Group 11:55 PM  12/8/2021

Latest from the Canadian Institute and the American Conference Institute: U.S. Export & Reexport Compliance for Canadian Operations

The Canadian Institute (CI) and the American Conference Institute (ACI) invite you to attend the 11th Annual Forum on U.S. Export & Re-Export Compliance for Canadian Operations in Toronto, ON + via Livestream on January 25–27, 2022! Featuring Keynote Speakers and Canadian and U.S. Government Officials from: -Global Affairs Canada -Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) – U.S. Department of Commerce -Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) – U.S. Department of State if (!window.AdButler) { … Read More