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“Translation is about communication, and yet communications breakdown happens way too frequently."

Translating Your Product For The Global Market? Beware The Silo Effect.

Those “silos” that often pop up in large organizations – where departments fail to share information, tools and priorities – can prove especially vexing when a product’s global success depends on translating information into other languages. Because of silos, the same information might be translated separately by every department, costing the company thousands in extra (and unnecessary) translation costs. A product’s … Read More

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Sizing up the USMCA Compromise Package – How Various Industries Will be Impacted

On December 10, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Trump administration, along with leaders in Mexico and Canada, announced a compromise to… Read More

New Foreign Investment Restriction Regulations Cement CFIUS Reform

One of the emerging focal points of the U.S.-China trade war involves the implementation of updated foreign investment restrictions in… Read More


supply chain
In the end, the supply chain you choose must satisfy all your customers’ requirements so they can receive your products whenever and wherever they want.
Nishi Patel 9:11 AM  1/14/2020

How to Select the Best Supply Chain for Your Business

All businesses, no matter how small, need a reliable supply chain so they can deliver their products to their customers in the shortest time possible. The delivery system needs to be accurate, prompt and cost-effective. Standards to consider when selecting a suitable supply chain If the existing supply chain is missing just one of the above three elements, then you should consider redesigning it. In addition, business owners need to understand that supply chains have three different classifications: -High inventory turns and low … Read More

silk road
China is planning an additional railway line in its southern region, which will move cargo to Europe via Central Asian countries, as well as Iran, and Turkey, bypassing Russia entirely. Photo: Dachser Logistics
Bernhard Simon, CEO, Dachser 2:08 PM  1/9/2020

Can the New Silk Road Compete with the Maritime Silk Road?

China’s president Xi Jinping refers the Belt and Road Initiative, aka the New Silk Road, as the “Project of the Century” and according to a recent Bloomberg article, Morgan Stanley anticipates Chinese investments will total 1.3 trillion US dollars by 2027. In addition, more than 150 countries and international organizations have committed to invest in the project as well with infrastructure enhancements, such as roadways and power plants. But will this New Silk Road ever really compete with the firmly … Read More

While ocean carriers can control capacity to help ensure rates remain compensatory, we can still expect some level of imbalance due to the IMO 2020 mandate.
Mike Short, president of global forwarding, C.H. Robinson 5:43 AM  1/8/2020

Global Shipping Trends: What to Expect in 2020

Now that the fireworks are over and New Year’s resolutions are set, it’s time to prepare for global shipping in 2020. And that means looking at ongoing trends and changing regulations. One thing’s for sure, freight forwarding never has a dull moment. Recapping 2019’s top global shipping disruptors Before we jump into expectations for this year, let’s set the stage by looking at some of the top events in 2019 that may have affected global shipping strategies around the world. Geopolitical uncertainties From the … Read More

Global Logistics

The Radar dashboard provides a multitude of visibility options for trailers, chassis and containers all through securely stored data on a cloud-based platform.

Visibility by definition is, “the state of being able to see or be seen.” For transportation professionals, this definition merely scratches the surface of what’s required for streamlining operations while eliminating costs and inefficiencies. Everything is connected in some form or capacity, and the moment one part of the equation is affected, the entire supply chain can suffer or become … Read More

Site Selection

site selection
Things are moving in Nashville and elsewhere in Tennessee, Global Trade’s top state for site selection incentives.

Our Annual Governer’s Cup Ranks Top 10 Southern States for Site Selection Incentives

Matt Coker 11:54 PM  1/10/2020

A funny thing happened on the way to compiling Global Trade’s latest Annual Governor’s Cup feature on state site selection incentives: the preponderance of states from the South that offer more attractive benefits than just about anywhere else in the country. Rather than cast the net wide enough to include non-southern states for the sake of comprehensiveness, we decided to this … Read More



Special Reports

medical electronics
Bringing forth a slew of product innovations in the market has been touted as a major growth strategy for businesses, particularly in the medical electronics industry.

Global Medical Electronics Market Report

Global Market Insights 10:02 AM  1/15/2020

Medical Electronics Market size is set to cross US$ 169 billion by 2025 with13% CAGR confirms a recent research report by Global Market Insights. What can only be construed as an innovation that may impact India’s medical electronics industry to quite an appreciable extent, Philips, a renowned brand across the electronics sector, has recently launched two new diagnostic instruments, namely, MobileDiagnost … Read More


The current world leader in education exports is the United States, whose 7,021 two- and four-year colleges and universities attracted nearly a quarter of the world’s international students in 2018.
Anne Kim 11:59 PM  11/24/2019

International Diploma-cy

Higher education is one of the world’s leading “exports” To compete in today’s knowledge-driven economy, college-bound students are increasingly going global in their pursuit of a top-notch degree. Since 2001, the number of students pursuing studies abroad has more than doubled, from 2.1 million to 5.0 million in 2018. As one result, higher education is fast becoming one of the world’s leading “exports.” Many people may not think of education as an “export,” but when an international student comes to the United States, for example, … Read More

“Developing a culture of continued education and continuous improvement is critical if you want to retain your staff and provide them with advancement opportunities."
Shawn Burcham 11:45 PM  11/12/2019

Why Sending Your Workers ‘Back to School’ is Good Business

Learning shouldn’t stop when someone earns a diploma or degree, and that’s especially true in the workplace where the company’s fate – and an employee’s career – could rest on the constant thirst to learn and improve. “Developing a culture of continued education and continuous improvement is critical if you want to retain your staff and provide them with advancement opportunities,” says Shawn Burcham (, founder and CEO of PFSbrands and author of Keeping Score with GRITT: Straight Talk Strategies for Success. Essentially, Burcham … Read More

going global live
Instead of spending hours searching for companies on the internet, speak to the people behind the solution face to face. 
Prysm Media Group 11:59 PM  11/6/2019

Going Global Live, London Excel – 27th & 28th of November

On the 27th & 28th of November, Europe’s leading event for expanding business overseas will be returning to the London ExCeL. Going Global Live, sponsored by American Express, is the leading exhibition dedicated to providing businesses with absolutely everything they need to expand internationally and trade overseas. From globally recognized brands through to world-class seminars hosted by leading professionals, this event will be the one-stop-shop for all brands moving into the global arena.  2019’s edition of Going Global Live promises to be … Read More


Automation is impacting Fintech employees in a variety of complex ways so it’s critical for employees to have a greater understanding of and training on different software systems...