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  November 2nd, 2023 | Written by

Wagner Logistics Achieves a Landmark 1 Million Injury-Free Hours: A Testament to Safety Excellence

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Wagner Logistics, a prominent player in the supply chain management sector, proudly announced that they have reached an impressive milestone of 1 million hours without any lost time injury. This significant achievement underscores Wagner’s unwavering commitment to fostering a safe and healthy work environment for its employees.

In an industry as challenging as warehousing, where safety concerns are paramount, with over 400,000 distribution centers and over 827,000 human warehouse workers, Wagner Logistics stands out as a beacon of excellence in workplace safety. The entire workforce, spread across multiple locations, came together to commemorate this remarkable safety milestone on October 26th. As part of the celebration, each employee and temporary worker received lunch and a special T-shirt.

“At Wagner, we’ve instilled a safety-centric culture. Our Wagner Initiative for Safety Excellence, known as WISE, is not just a separate program; it’s the very essence of our brand, rooted in our core values of innovation, agility, integrity, accountability, and teamwork,” remarked Derek Farmer, Director of Environmental Health Safety and Compliance at Wagner Logistics. “Celebrating this safety achievement signifies that we’re fulfilling our mission of ensuring that our employees return home in the same condition they arrived. It translates to an improved quality of life for them and their families, ultimately boosting morale.”

In an era of transformation in the warehousing and logistics industry, with persistent labor challenges anticipated as storage and distribution demands continue to surge in response to consumer needs, numerous manufacturers and warehouse operators find themselves at a crossroads. Many third-party logistics providers, like Wagner Logistics, are embracing automation and innovative solutions such as on-demand marketplaces to connect with gig workers, thereby harnessing human resources in manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing across the United States. Regardless of the approach, one common thread is the unwavering dedication and commitment to building a culture of safety that enhances productivity and efficiency.

“We extend our heartfelt appreciation and profound gratitude to every member of the Wagner Logistics family. Your steadfast dedication to safety has left an indelible mark on our organization and the well-being of our team,” expressed Brian Smith, CEO of Wagner Logistics. “This achievement is not just a number; it signifies countless lives protected, families kept intact, and futures secured. We thank you all for your contributions in making Wagner a brand that resonates consistently throughout the organization.”