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  February 2nd, 2023 | Written by

Wagner Logistics Expands Warehouse Management into Portland

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Wagner Logistics provides finished goods overflow solutions for Modlo and now manages 7 million square feet of total U.S. distribution space

Leading U.S. warehousing and logistics management provider Wagner Logistics expands its distribution space into Portland, Ore., which increases its total U.S. distribution space to more than 7 million square feet across 24 markets. Wagner’s latest warehouse includes 82,556 square feet of dedicated distribution space and the potential to convert it into a multi-customer facility.

Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., Wagner worked with Newmark Zimmer, one of the top commercial real estate firms in the Midwest, to secure the warehouse lease for the Portland space that is serving as a key distribution point for supply chain overflow of finished household goods for customer Bridge Industrial/Modlo.

Efficient distribution needs are increasing as global economic uncertainty persists, therefore Wagner is taking warehouse cost optimization to the next level using the strategy of sharing facilities, personnel and equipment to service the storage and distribution needs of multiple manufacturers or shippers.

The supply chain management provider employs more than 550 team members across major cities including Kansas City; Indianapolis; Dallas; Cleveland; Milwaukee; Jacksonville, Fla.; Charlotte; Los Angeles, Stockton and Tracy, Calif.; and Detroit. As the team grows, exceptional customer service and employee morale remain top priorities for Wagner, as evidenced in the attainment of the company’s latest warehouse, which includes bike storage for employees and is in close proximity to many employees’ homes.