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  April 18th, 2016 | Written by

UPS Breaks Ground On New Technology Center

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  • UPS’s new technology center will house software developers, designers, and other technology professionals.
  • The UPS team at the new New Jersey location developed visibility tools that UPS customers use every day.
  • The UPS team at the new New Jersey location streamlined processes throughout its integrated delivery network.

UPS has begun construction of a new global technology development center in Parsippany, New Jersey. The facility will serve as a new location for software developers, designers, and other technology professionals, previously based in Paramus, New Jersey, to collaborate and develop innovative technology solutions that serve UPS customers, improve operational efficiencies, drive growth, and run UPS’s global network.

UPS employees at the new location are part of the company’s global team that conceived, designed, and developed technologies that UPS customers use every day like UPS My Choice, UPS CampusShip, UPS WorldShip, UPS Tracking, and other visibility tools.  This specific group also supported the development of UPS Package Flow Technologies, the company’s suite of solutions that has streamlined UPS’s scanning, automated sorting, driver dispatching and load-assist processes throughout its integrated delivery network.

“UPS is known for its innovation, whether that means helping customers succeed with transportation and supply chain management solutions or giving consumers real-time visibility to their package at every step of the delivery cycle,” said Dave Barnes, UPS chief information officer. “This new facility will provide a collaborative setting for the creative team developing the UPS technology of tomorrow.”

“We are proud UPS will be developing this state-of-the-art technology facility in New Jersey further demonstrating a firm commitment and faith in the state as a place to live, work and do business,” said Governor Chris Christie. “UPS is another example of the economic growth and innovation that is continuing throughout our state.”

“Each year, UPS invests approximately one-billion dollars in technology,” added Juan Perez, UPS senior vice president of technology. “The significant investment in this location sets an environment for UPSers to continue to solve complex problems in transportation and logistics and to provide unmatched services to our customers using innovative technology.”

The four-story office space, expected to open in mid-2017, is designed to promote collaboration, communication, efficiency, and learning in a work environment that fosters creativity and problem solving. The building will also feature a full-service cafeteria, indoor fitness center, and campus hiking trail.