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  May 21st, 2021 | Written by

Top Supply Chain Management Software

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Manufacturing and distribution is the base of the global economy. Supply chain management software is also known as SCM Software technology hasn’t just made it possible to create and transport products quicker than ever before; in today’s world, efficiency, and transparency are demanded to be part of any logistics-related transaction. Whether we create a software product, a locally mounted product, or a complicated piece of machine-learning technology compelling resources from all over the world, it’s fundamental for any operation that controls the production and shipping of products to understand and wisely manage its complete supply chain.

Supply chain management software makes it easy to the intricate and complex process of making products from the supplier processed and to the buyer. With SCM software, supply chain providers gain some awareness and control over every phase of the production and shipping process.

We have listed Top Supply Chain Management Software based on features like Inventory management, Order management, Logistics, and shipping status, Forecasting, and Return management:

1. Magaya Supply Chain

Magaya Supply Chain is a cloud-based software for operations, accounting, visibility, tracking, connectivity, and agreement. Magaya produces strong functionality for freight forwarding, warehousing, 3PL operations, cultures compliance, freight rate management, and more.

2. Logility

The Logility Digital Supply Chain Platform leverages an innovative blend of AI (artificial intelligence) and advanced analytics to programmed planning, accelerate cycle times, increase accuracy, improve operating production, break down business silos, and give greater clarity.

3. StockIQ

StockIQ is a rational supply chain planning software solution for Order management, Replenishment outlining, Supplier planning, Advertisement, and Promotion Planning and monitoring, Inventory, and Capacity planning. The StockIQ software is curate for the distribution and production industries.


SAP SCM is a tool implemented by SAP AG for maintaining the supply chain procedure of an organization. SCM helps in the planning, and execution of all supply chain-related actions of that company. SAP Ariba is one of the best cloud-based innovative solutions that enable suppliers and customers to combine and do business on one platform. It acts as a supply chain service to do business globally.

5. Oracle SCM and PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management

Oracle SCM that is Supply Chain Management Cloud, is a cloud-based app built by Oracle. It unites end-to-end enterprise processes pending the changing supply chain needs of modern projects.  Oracle PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management renders a cohesive yet compliant solution for the collaborated supply chain, driving capabilities in cost savings over your entire supply chain. That includes your plan-to-produce (P2P) and order-to-cash business processes.

6. Anaplan

Anaplan is a California-based planning software company. Anaplan vends subscriptions for cloud-based business-planning software and presents data for decision-making purposes. As a dedicated platform, connecting people, data, and systems, Anaplan offers a unified real-time, cloud-based environment to optimize marking and democratize decision-making overall lines of business and its operations, from strategic to operational levels.

7. Precoro

Precoro is a Procurement and Spend Control software, which helps businesses to fully reduce manual workflow and conserve lots of time and money. It is one of the most efficient SCM software solutions.