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Nuvera Fuel Cells and HELINOR Energy Join Forces to Develop Zero-Emission Marine Power Solutions


Nuvera Fuel Cells and HELINOR Energy Join Forces to Develop Zero-Emission Marine Power Solutions

Nuvera Fuel Cells, a leading provider of fuel cell power solutions, has formalized a technology development agreement with HELINOR Energy, a Norwegian technology and production provider specializing in next-generation hydrogen fuel cell and fire suppression modules. The collaboration aims to develop scalable zero-emission energy solutions for maritime applications, with HELINOR funding the integration of Nuvera’s next-generation high-power fuel cell engine technology into the maritime industry.

As the demand for zero-emission solutions in shipping grows, both companies see an opportunity to address environmental concerns and demonstrate the efficiency and reliability advantages of hydrogen fuel cell power solutions. Kedar Murthy, Chief Commercial Officer at Nuvera Fuel Cells, expresses enthusiasm for strengthening Nuvera’s presence in the maritime industry and collaborating with HELINOR to contribute to the decarbonization of sea-going transportation.

In alignment with the International Maritime Organization’s strategy to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, HELINOR is dedicated to accelerating the transition to zero-carbon shipping. HELINOR aims to achieve this by offering compact, lightweight, and powerful fuel cell modules that set new standards for safety at sea. Elling Helvig, Chairman of HELINOR, notes that Nuvera’s high-efficiency fuel cell engines are the ideal solution due to their high-power density, optimal use of limited on-board space, and demonstrated high-efficiency performance, resulting in longer range and lower operating costs.

Nuvera’s E-Series Fuel Cell Engines play a crucial role in enabling vessel and maritime equipment manufacturers to meet stringent emissions mandates. These engines are designed to support regulatory compliance and maintain economic competitiveness by delivering high-performance power solutions. The collaboration between Nuvera Fuel Cells and HELINOR Energy signifies a concerted effort to advance the development and adoption of zero-emission energy solutions within the maritime industry.