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Securing Consistent, Realistic Income with Dedicated Freight

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The trucking industry’s cyclical nature of market conditions is a constant concern. However, carriers have the opportunity to find consistent and reliable income through dedicated freight, also known as primary freight.

By committing to a specific customer or contract, carriers can experience a steady flow of work and stability, even in a volatile market. This long-term arrangement eliminates the need for constant load searching and bidding, allowing carriers to focus on providing exceptional service to their dedicated customers.

Partnering with a trusted 3PL (third-party logistics) provider is key to accessing dedicated freight opportunities and making consistent money. These intermediaries have extensive industry expertise and networks, allowing carriers to secure long-term contracts and concentrate on keeping their trucks rolling.

Why Commit to Dedicated Freight?

There are three major advantages that carriers can expect when they commit to utilizing dedicated freight:

Consistency: Small trucking businesses can benefit greatly from the reliability of dedicated freight. Once a partnership is established with a specific carrier, businesses can secure a committed transportation capacity for an extended period. This trust ensures consistent business, even during economic downturns.

Cost Efficiency: Utilizing dedicated freight helps optimize costs for small trucking companies. Through a partnership with a 3PL, carriers can tap into a vast network of shippers and gain access to dedicated freight opportunities. This means their trucks are consistently filled, minimizing empty miles and maximizing revenue per mile.

Customer Service: A reputable 3PL provider has an extensive network of shippers and customers. By connecting carriers to long-term opportunities, carriers can align their services with the specific needs of shippers, leading to improved customer service. The expertise and guidance of a 3PL in selecting suitable dedicated freight opportunities can help carriers optimize their operations and better meet customer expectations.

Finding a Reliable Partner for Long-Term Success

Running a fleet of trucks comes with challenges and complexities that require a strong support system. A reliable 3PL partner can offer valuable resources, expertise, and assistance in all areas.

Dedicated freight presents an attractive option for carriers, allowing them to establish long-term contracts with specific customers through a 3PL. This proactive approach ensures consistent income for carriers, even in times of uncertainty.

Secure your trucking business’ success by exploring the benefits of dedicated freight and finding a trusted partner to help keep your trucks running.

Author Bio

Nick Shipe is the Director of Operations of Circle Logistics, a privately held third-party logistics company committed to delivering on three core promises to their customers: No Fail Service, Personalized Communication, and Innovative Solutions. Circle Logistics leverages its technology, industry experience, and employee ingenuity to develop industry-leading transportation solutions. For more information, visit