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  June 21st, 2019 | Written by

Integrated Solutions & Dedicated Fleets—How They can Maximize your Supply Chain

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  • One-dimensional measures are inadequate to overcome particular supply chain challenges.
  • Logistics companies have implemented custom services to match distinct characteristics of their clients.
  • Companies are wise to consider a service provider offering an integrated business model.

As the demands facing manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors continue to evolve, so must the services transportation and logistics companies provide their customers. All parties involved are recognizing that integrated solutions—a blending of multiple transportation and distribution options—can enable companies to maximize their resources and streamline their supply chains. With one-dimensional measures proving inadequate for overcoming what are often very particular supply chain challenges, transportation and logistics companies have implemented various custom services which take into account the distinct business characteristics of their clients and effectively provide an even greater value proposition.

Companies are wise to consider choosing a service provider offering an integrated business model which encompasses their transportation and logistics needs. By partnering with an integrated solutions provider, companies are afforded the opportunity to implement an assortment of options specifically designed for meeting all of their transportation needs with a single point of contact. These services can range from value added warehousing and less-than truckload offerings to freight brokerage options, all of which can be sourced accordingly to satisfy the complex demands placed upon businesses’ supply chains. An integrated solution thus permits shippers enormous flexibility and convenience in their operations.

One of the most advantageous services integrated providers can offer is dedicated contract services.  Utilizing a dedicated option, business owners are alleviated from the stressors and costs that correspond with owning and managing a truck fleet. A custom dedicated supply chain solution is more adept at incorporating specialized equipment demands and can execute unique delivery requirements especially well. For example, companies in many industries require turn-key or after-hours delivery, while some may require heated or refrigerated transport, tankers, or other distinct equipment.

Custom supply chain solutions are engineered to accommodate these unique circumstances for many client verticals. Equipment and maintenance issues, complying with updated federal and state regulations, recruiting qualified drivers and being exposed to liability claims are just some frequently encountered issues a custom dedicated solution can help resolve.

Even if a company owns a private fleet or outsources their transportation or distribution to a third party, there may be hidden opportunities to add value, at which point a cost-benefit analysis weighing options such as fleet supplementation and other integrated solutions should take place. There are many different needs and expectations involved when it comes to addressing the specific demands within an industry or company.

Custom services in the transportation and supply chain industry can take many forms, but there are common pain points which often exist across industries. These include: recruiting qualified drivers and warehouse specialists; ever increasing customer service and shipment velocity demands – later pickup and quicker transit times; better visibility and communication enabled by technology; the need for continuous process improvement, unencumbered by internal company politics or relationships; and opportunities to curtail rising transportation and distribution costs.

Even though each industry has unique supply chain challenges, integrated providers can draw upon their knowledge of these common areas when analyzing the needs of customers. A successful collaboration must include a partner with demonstrated experience and understanding of these key components.

Utilizing an asset based supply chain provider; with expertise in operating dedicated fleets, LTL networks, brokerage services, and engineered integrated solutions throughout the supply chain, enables organizations to focus on their core competencies while enjoying the efficiencies derived from optimization.

Frank Granieri is Chief Operating Officer of A. Duie Pyle and a member of the company’s Board of Directors. He joined Pyle in 2012, bringing more than 15 years of transportation industry, logistics and executive management experience to his role with the company. Facilitating company activity in marketing, sales, technology and logistics consulting, he is also responsible for A. Duie Pyle’s Custom Dedicated, Warehousing & Distribution and Brokerage business units, which comprehensively serve a wide-array of industries.