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  January 24th, 2024 | Written by

Netlogistik and SVT Robotics™ Join Forces to Streamline Warehouse Automation Solutions

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Netlogistik, a leader in supply chain digital transformation services, has announced a strategic partnership with SVT Robotics™, a software provider specializing in empowering IT teams to seamlessly integrate, monitor, and scale automation through their tech-agnostic SOFTBOT® Platform.

This collaboration provides Netlogistik’s customers, particularly those using Blue Yonder, with a comprehensive solution for easily deploying automation, reducing support costs, and maximizing operational uptime across their facilities. The SOFTBOT Platform not only simplifies the integration of various automation types and technologies but also normalizes and aggregates supply chain data from diverse sources, facilitating operational optimization.

Scott Zickert, Managing Partner of Netlogistik, highlights the complexity customers face in incorporating automation into their warehouse environments. He notes, “Once we integrate the Blue Yonder WMS into a client’s operation, we can quickly and easily add picking systems, robots, put-away systems, vision systems, and more through the SOFTBOT Platform. Customers improve operational efficiency and scalability for faster ROI.”

Jay Blinderman, Vice President of Sales and Partner Success at SVT Robotics, expresses satisfaction in adding Netlogistik as a reseller partner, emphasizing their success in collaborating with multiple customers. As a Blue Yonder Gold Partner, Netlogistik is well-positioned to assist operations and IT teams in achieving their automation and digital transformation goals.

Netlogistik, with a track record of helping numerous Blue Yonder WMS customers achieve faster time-to-value, leverages its experience and proven methodology to aid customers in optimizing warehouses. The partnership with SVT Robotics™ further enhances their capabilities, providing a seamless and efficient pathway for companies to embrace warehouse automation technologies and drive productivity while reducing operational costs.