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  October 27th, 2023 | Written by

Mecalux and Siemens Unveil AI-Driven Robotic Order Picking System for Optimized Warehousing

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Mecalux, in collaboration with Siemens, has introduced an advanced solution to revolutionize order picking in warehouses and logistics centers, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Developed at Mecalux’s technology center in Barcelona, Spain, this cutting-edge collaborative robotic picking system is set to enhance order fulfillment processes.

Key Highlights:

1. Siemens’ AI Technology Integration: Mecalux’s new robotic picking solution integrates Siemens’ groundbreaking SIMATIC Robot Pick AI technology, which relies on deep learning algorithms to automate and streamline the order picking process. With AI embedded into the programmable logic controller (SIMATIC S7-1500), the collaborative robot (cobot) operates autonomously and with unparalleled precision.

2. Strong Alliance: This innovative solution is the result of a robust partnership between Mecalux and Siemens, combining their expertise in industrial automation technologies. Their long-standing collaboration has enabled the creation of technology solutions to address the challenges faced by the logistics industry.

3. Versatile Solutions: Mecalux offers two collaborative picking solutions. The first is a cobot designed to work safely alongside human operators, and the second is an automated system that operates independently in high-performance pick stations.

4. High Efficiency: Developed to operate around the clock, the Mecalux system can execute up to 1,000 picks per hour, making it suitable for businesses across various sectors seeking to optimize their order processing.

5. Smart Vision System: A camera positioned above the cobot’s picking box captures a 3D image of the items, facilitating order preparation. The AI algorithm, trained on millions of items, makes split-second decisions to identify collision-free picking positions for items, even with complex shapes. Importantly, it doesn’t require prior knowledge of the 3D model of the items, thanks to the advanced artificial intelligence algorithm.

6. Precision and Adaptability: The cobot precisely deposits the selected items into the picking box, making the most efficient use of space. Mecalux has designed an algorithm to ensure the items are placed correctly.

7. Dynamic Gripping System: Guided by Mecalux’s warehouse management software, the collaborative picking system can automatically adapt its gripping mechanism to suit the type of merchandise it handles. When presented with a new box, Siemens’ vision system and AI algorithm identify the items inside and determine the most optimal way to pick each product.

8. Advanced Hardware Platform: Siemens employs its robust S7-1500 PLC range, along with the TM-MFP (Technology Module-Multifunctional Platform), to execute AI technology, all while maintaining stringent cybersecurity standards and utilizing the SCALANCE X family of intelligent switches.

This collaborative picking system signifies a significant stride towards operational efficiency in warehouses and logistics. Mecalux and Siemens are steadfast in their commitment to delivering cutting-edge technological solutions that benefit their clients and elevate the standards of warehousing and order fulfillment.