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  July 6th, 2015 | Written by

Lufthansa Cargo Takes a Big Leap Forward in IT

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  • Airline Switched Over to iCargo at 120 Locations While Business Was in Full Swing.
  • iCargo will be operated by 4,500 Lufthansa Cargo users and will support the airline's global cargo operations.
  • Lufthansa Cargo exec: “The modernized IT platform acts a lever, enabling us to efficiently introduce innovation.”

Lufthansa Cargo took a big step toward modernizing its core IT systems when it recently switched from its decades-old legacy systems to IBS’ iCargo solution. The cutover took place at 120 of Lufthansa’s stations around the world, including three of its hubs: Vienna, Munich and Frankfurt.

The transition took place while Lufthansa Cargo Frankfurt operations were in full swing without any major business disruptions, a company statement said. Frankfurt is Lufthansa Cargo’s main global hub and one of Europe’s busiest cargo gateways.

The iCargo system will be operated by 4,500 Lufthansa Cargo users around the world and will support the global cargo operations of Lufthansa Cargo to over 300 destinations in 100 countries. The IT modernization project replaces several key business IT systems with a single platform integrating all the participants of the transport chain, providing support of core processes, seamless information flows, and a platform for future innovations.

Lufthansa Cargo assessed over 400 solutions over 18 months before selecting IBS. “The modernized IT platform from now on acts a lever,” said Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht, a Lufthansa Cargo executive board member, “enabling us to efficiently introduce innovation.”

Lufthansa Cargo’s successful migration to new generation technology could send a signal to the airline industry, traditionally wary of wholesale technology transformations, that such a switchover can be achieved successfully.