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JAXPORT Berth Goes Electric as New Cranes Approach

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  • JAXPORT installs high-voltage electrical system.
  • Three new 100-gauge electric container cranes arrive at JAXPORT this month.Three new 100-gauge electric container cranes
  • JAXPORT's new cranes will work on regenerative power.

A multi-faceted rehabilitation project of Berth 35 at JAXPORT’s Blount Island Marine Terminal is nearing completion with the installation of a high-voltage electrical system in anticipation of the arrival of three new 100-gauge electric container cranes this month.

The berth’s improvements increase energy efficiencies, reduce emissions from diesel-powered cranes and enhance night-time operations through new high-powered LED lighting. Berth 35’s new electrical system includes an on-site transformer substation and $1 million switchgear building to feed each crane’s power needs. The 100-gauge cranes will work on regenerative power, consuming power during the lifting of containers and creating energy as they lower.

“Berth 35 will offer JAXPORT’s current and future customers even more efficient operations and increased capabilities,” said Roy Schleicher, JAXPORT Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. “The rehabilitation project is a major step forward in our $100 million investment in building the port of the future.”

The new cranes at Berth 35 will be operational by the end of the year.

Working in conjunction with the rebuilt dock and state-of-the-art cranes, JAXPORT’s newly opened Intermodal Container Transfer Facility at Dames Point provides on-dock rail transportation solutions for both the Blount Island and Dames Point Marine Terminals.

The ICTF was inaugurated in April with its support of a high-level military training exercise. JAXPORT partnered with numerous U.S. Army units, including the JAXPORT-based 832nd Transportation Battalion, for exercises aimed at expediting the movement of ocean-going military cargo, rehearsing the capabilities of personnel as well as the new terminal.

All this came in advance of the ICTF’s official opening to commercial container movements.

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