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  September 21st, 2015 | Written by

German Logistics Group Implements Data Security System

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  • Within a month, ELSEN's IT department was convinced of the solution's capability to eliminate excess employee access.
  • With Varonis, ELSEN Logistics now has a meaningful permissions management structure.
  • DatAdvantage's reporting system also equips ELSEN Logistics' IT team with valuable analysis and forecast data.

ELSEN Group, a German logistics and personnel service provider, implemented DatAdvantage from Varonis. Within a month, ELSEN’s IT department was convinced of the solution’s capability and reliability to help eliminate excess employee access and get better insight into the security of their data.

The company’s file shares had grown significantly over time, making it difficult to trace which employees were accessing data—and had permission to access what data—across its many departments.

An enormous amount of data was being created every day in the company’s file shares. Permissions grew complex over time and were not transparent. It was not clear who holds which permissions, whether the permissions are correct, and whether they were correctly assigned.

Varonis is a provider of software solutions for unstructured, human-generated enterprise data, sought out a transparent solution with a single interface to help it manage file permissions and security groups.

According to ELSEN’s IT department, “File systems have grown over the course of the years. Permissions are easy to grant but difficult to trace. We had been planning to completely reorganize the existing folder structure on our file server for some time now, and we also wanted a solution to help us with permissions management.”

With Varonis DatAdvantage, ELSEN Logistics now has a bi-directional view of permissions and user activity, a meaningful permissions management structure, and data audits all from one simple and easy-to-use interface.

DatAdvantage’s reporting system also equips ELSEN Logistics’ IT team with valuable data analysis and forecast, enabling the company to better assess the current situation and also prepare for potential security threats. Based on the information that has been identified, the solution also prepares suggestions which data should be stored in security groups.

“DatAdvantage saves us a lot of time and provides us with insight as to how we can optimize the permissions structure and where potentially at-risk or stale data may be hiding,” ELSEN’s IT team explained. “This has significantly improved the quality of our file management activities and overall our data is better protected against data breaches.”