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  September 15th, 2015 | Written by

Eight of the Top 10 Global Third-Party Logistics Providers Use JDA Software

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  • JDA’s service to the 3PL industry is rooted in the technology of i2 Technologies and RedPrairie.
  • Forward-looking 3PLs are applying data and analytics to contribute strategically to their customers.
  • JDA exec: Retailers, manufacturers, and 3PLs need to forge partnerships based on sharing data and analytics.

Eight of the top 10 global third-party logistics providers rely on advanced technology solutions from JDA.

These include industry leaders include CEVA, DB Schenker, DHL, and Panalpina, who use JDA Software for its supply chain management technology and domain expertise in warehouse management, transportation planning, and logistics event management.

JDA’s value delivery to the 3PL industry is rooted in the technology of i2 Technologies and RedPrairie, industry innovators that merged with JDA in the last five years, bringing transportation and warehouse management solutions into the company’s solution portfolio.

“In their efforts to control costs and improve profitability, while also improving their agility and responsiveness to market demand, retailers and manufacturers have increased their reliance on third-party logistics providers,” said Todd Johnson, global vice president, 3PL Business Unit at JDA Software. “However, today’s leading 3PLs are providing much more than tactical services. With their wealth of information about customers, forward-looking 3PLs are applying data and analytics to contribute strategically as well.”

In today’s complex business environment—characterized by omni-channel selling and highly customized service demands—third-party logistics (3PL) providers have become a critical resource for both retailers and manufacturers, noted Johnson.

“Logistics providers know who is ordering which products, how demand varies, how customers like to receive shipments, and other key business facts,” he added. “Advanced solutions from JDA help 3PLs use this data to add tremendous strategic value for both retailers and manufacturers.”

3PLs can leverage JDA software to provide real-time input to their customers’ demand planning and sales forecasting functions. They can leverage data to help customers create new product bundles, value-added services or delivery options based on actual consumer needs. They can also support retailers and manufacturers in creating a seamless omni-channel consumer shopping experience through intelligent, profitable fulfillment of orders across all channels.

“Today’s tough omni-channel selling environment means that retailers, manufacturers and 3PLs need to forge new, stronger partnerships based on sharing data and analytics,” said Johnson, “and JDA’s advanced solutions are designed to support that vision.”