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  September 7th, 2016 | Written by

Dropoff Brings Same-Day Delivery to Florida

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  • Dropoff brings its technology-based, on-demand delivery solution to Florida.
  • Dropoff will enable same-day delivery of retail purchases, prescriptions, manufacturing parts in Florida.
  • Dropoff launches east coast operations.

Dropoff, a company which facilitates on-demand, same-day delivery for businesses, announced its latest expansion with two new cities, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The move brings its proprietary logistics technology and highly-rated service to Florida for the first time. Local and national businesses that call southern Florida home will now be able to better serve their customers with on-demand, same-day delivery from Dropoff.

The company will support a variety of industries throughout Miami and Fort Lauderdale, including healthcare, retail, commercial and industrial, professional services, and food and grocery, and is already working with multiple clients.

“The launch into Miami and Fort Lauderdale is an exciting step for us,” said Sean Spector, CEO of Dropoff. “Our goal is to be the first national same-day delivery provider for businesses, and Florida was a logical next step in the expansion of our technology platform and service. Now, Dropoff is available in all three of the most populous states in the U.S., allowing us to better serve our national and regional clients.” Dropoof expanded into California in July.

At the core of Dropoff’s offerings is its proprietary technology platform, which includes web and mobile ordering capabilities, real-time tracking and confirmations, a fast, scalable, 24/7/365 dispatch automation named Intelligent Dispatch, and a feature-rich API for easy integration into clients’ ecommerce sites or warehouse management software.

Dropoff works with leading brands across many sectors relying on last-mile delivery to get items into the hands of their customers quickly and professionally, including Whole Foods, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Neiman Marcus, Zazzle, Amerita Infusion Service, JW Marriott, and Cushman & Wakefield | Oxford Commercial. Dropoff currently serves businesses in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Los Angeles. The company will continue to expand to additional cities and states throughout the second half of the year. Dropoff aims to become the first national brand for same-day delivery.