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  April 8th, 2021 | Written by

Discover How to Transform Logistics with Emerging Technologies in the Online Event LYT21

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On Wednesday, April 21, LYT21 will be held, an online event where companies, all from the logistics and technology sectors, will meet to learn about the most innovative solutions being adopted in the market.

After the success of the first edition held in Spain, LYT20, ChainGO has decided to undertake this second edition in the United States, organizing it hand in hand with major associations such as Virginia Maritime Association, Blockchain in Transport Alliance, Old Dominion University, Global Trade Magazine/CITT (Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation), among others. KoiReader, G2 Ops, ChainYard, OARO, WITRAC and Women’s Startup Community have also joined the initiative.

What is LYT21?

The LYT21 event is the meeting point between the highlighted companies of the logistics industry and the new technologies that are already revolutionizing this sector.

“In this second edition of 2021, our mission is to accelerate the digital transformation process in the logistics industry, in a time of crisis where the adoption of the most disruptive technologies to achieve more efficient supply chains, can make the difference between surviving or not in the logistics industry of the future. A future that is already here. “This is how the organization describes it.

To this end, the event will be available to everyone, and free for 3 hours, four panels of experts in which we will see real use cases with direct application of the latest technologies in logistics processes.

The objective of this event is to raise awareness of the opportunities that the most disruptive technologies are offering for supply chains.

Blockchain, IoT, AI and Cybersecurity.

The event is divided into four round tables where the four most disruptive technologies applied to logistics will be discussed: Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity. For this, the LYT21 will have a panel of more than 15 experts among which speakers from large companies, startups, consulting companies and associations will be divided in each table.

Different use cases of the application of the same technology will be presented but from different points of view (explained from a large corporate, a startup, an association, etc.). In addition, once each of the different use cases has been presented, there will be an open panel discussion among the different profiles at the table.

Free registrations.

In the first edition, LYT20, more than 800 companies and 1000+ people attended the event online. For this event, the aim is to push the boundaries even further a reach a more North American-focused audience. To this end, free tickets have been made available to the public.

LYT21 offers its free tickets through this link.