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Top 6 Supply Chain Startups to Watch Out for in 2021

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  • Customers are more demanding of sustainable practices requiring greater transparency in supply chains.
  • Supply chain companies provide that critical network between companies and suppliers.

Supply chain companies provide that critical network between companies and suppliers. It focuses on the production and distribution of products to the final buyers.

The chain is a combination of different factors. These include activities, people, resources, and information. There is a lot that goes into getting the final goods to the consumers. 

It includes the transformation of raw material into the final product. Some are in charge of transportation to the relevant points. Others work on distribution to ensure that it gets to the right people.

Startups have come up in the sector. They have fantastic solutions to increase efficiency in the processes. Our article will look at the top 6 supply chain startups to watch out for in 2021.

Supply Chain Startups to Keep a Close Eye On In 2021

In coming up with a list of startups, we spoke with a marketing agency for startups. One of the factors the agency advised we look out for is the level of innovation. The products or services should add efficiency to the processes. It also helps if they are in the business to improve the lives of the end consumers.


Hive is a German supply chain startup company that focuses on warehousing. Production companies need space for their products. It helps if it is close to consumers for faster fulfillment of orders. Warehousing can be a challenge, especially in larger cities.

For companies that have e-commerce shipping, a lack of warehousing can be a nightmare. Hive has stepped in to take care of this critical component. It provides shipping and storage, for e-commerce merchants. 

The company handles tasks like pickups, packaging, and shipping right from the warehouses. It also has linkages with popular e-commerce platforms like Woocommerce and Shopify.

Orbital Insight

Traceability is a critical component in supply chain management. Orbital Insight is a company that uses the latest technology for such purposes. Such include satellite, geofencing, and the use of data. Customers get an accurate picture of the processes.

It monitors from the very beginning to the end product. One of the biggest customers it has provided services to is Unilever. 

Palm oil is a major raw material for Unilever. But, there were stories about unethical practices around its procurement. Deforestation, for example, was a big concern. The company contracted orbital insights to investigate the claims.

Orbital insights have gone on to make significant inroads in its client portfolio. Such include corporations and government institutions. Customers are more demanding of sustainable practices requiring greater transparency in supply chains.


Upparel changed its name from MANRAGS. What makes this Australian startup unique is the use of the recycled textile. The company places high emphasis on sustainable practices. 

They hope to make a difference in the world by using what others may consider useless textile. The results of the efforts have been quite significant if numbers are anything to go by. 

They managed to keep away 150,000 kilograms of textile from the landfills. The result is over 650,000 kg fewer greenhouse gases from the production processes. It has managed to achieve all this within nine months. 

Upparel bases all its operations in Melbourne. This is unique because most will send textile overseas for recycling. They have managed to get into a niche area that does not have too many competitors. 

The company’s CSR efforts are also noteworthy. They donate the bulk of their products to charities and other social enterprises.


Trackonomy will be celebrating its fourth year in the market in 2021. The company provides end-to-end visibility from land, air, or sea for shipments. Customers get timely reports on any anomalies during the shipping. 

Such reports include anything that may interfere with the safe transportation of goods. It checks for tampering or attempts to open freight, facility, or trucks.

Trakonomy has its headquarters in Silicon Valley. It aims to provide cost-effective innovations. Their operations do not need workflow changes or any expensive infrastructure. 

All the processes are possible due to a fully-integrated platform. They use software, hardware, and data to drive operations.

Cobots Solutions

Think of a typical warehouse. There is constant movement and action. The workers are always transporting inventory from one place to another. It can be time-consuming and tedious.

Forward-thinking companies use technology to make such purchases simpler. These include the use of robots to reduce manual work. Cobots Solutions is a French company. Its area of focus is the development of collaborative robots.

One such product is their JAKA Zu series. The robot has unique features like remote programming and wireless connectivity. 

The robots can pick out 2D and 3D objects. They can also calculate distance, differentiate object colors, and pinpoint exact locations. 

Warehouses use robots for several applications. Such include packing, picking, placing, and palletizing. It will be interesting to see what more the company will do to make their robots smarter.


Every time you send a delivery to a customer, you say a silent prayer. You dread getting a call from the customer saying they did not receive the product. Missing or misplaced packages is a constant headache. 

It can have a considerable impact on the business and customer satisfaction. Tracking and tracing products from the warehouse to the final destination is critical.

Navines is a startup based in Israel. The company offers web-based solutions and carrier services for companies.

It uses a proprietary tool, the NAVINES Tracking engine for tracing and tracking. You will need the tracking number from your Transporter. Using the tool, you can get real-time updates on where the package is.

Final Thoughts

We have looked at the top six supply chain startups to watch out for in 2021. They bring innovation into the supply chain sector. Some companies use technology to provide solutions. 

The use of robots in warehouses, for example, cuts down on the time it would take to handle the different tasks. It brings in efficiency and cost-saving for the business owners. The ability to trace and track products ensures safe delivery. The result is happy, loyal customers. 

It will be interesting to see what these startups and many more have in store going forward.