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  December 22nd, 2015 | Written by

DHL Expands Strategic Logistics Partnership With Konica Minolta in China

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  • In July 2013 DHL assumed management of Konica Minolta’s distribution center network in Japan.
  • DHL exec: “DHL has truly integrated with Konica Minolta and acted as an extension of their business.”
  • DHL focus in China is on optimizing Konica Minolta’s transportation, warehousing, and processes.
  • DHL and Konica Minolta launched a joint social responsibility initiative, the first for an electronics company.

DHL Supply Chain has extended its partnership with Konica Minolta, Inc., a manufacturer in business technologies, to design, manage, and optimize the company’s logistics operations across China.

Under the new Lead Logistics Partner (LLP) agreement, DHL will be wholly responsible for the manufacturing logistics of Konica Minolta’s Business Technologies domestic supply chain in China.

The partnership between the two companies started in July 2013 when DHL was awarded a contract to manage Konica Minolta’s supply chain in Japan. Under that arrangement, DHL assumed management of the tech company’s domestic distribution center network

“We are honored to be chosen by Konica Minolta as their Lead Logistics Partner for China,” said Gavin Murdoch, president of DHL Supply Chain Japan. “For the past two years, DHL has truly integrated with Konica Minolta and acted as an extension of their business. We have supported the transformation of their logistics operations in Japan and built a relationship based on trust, commitment, and delivery. By taking on the role as the LLP for China, we look forward to extending the agreement and replicating the successes across an expanded geography.”

DHL began implementing new LLP services for Konica Minolta in China in November 2015 and is expected to focus on re-engineering the transportation network, optimizing warehouse operations, and standardizing processes to deliver agreed savings.

Earlier in 2015, a joint corporate social responsibility initiative was launched to further enhance quality, transparency, and sustainability across the technology company’s supply chain in Japan. This was the first time an electronics company had implemented such an initiative to support their logistics operations.