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Jason Chan with Rakuten Super Logistics

Anand Raghavendran with GTKonnect

Global Trade Management

This episode we talk with GT Konnect’s President & CEO, Anand Raghavendran, on the trends, challenges and opportunities that are present in the Global Trade Management space. Anand shares with us some valuable insight on what their customers are facing and how they are handling these challenges with valuable intel.

GTKonnect – Our Goal is to Drive Your GTM Success.

Linda DiMario with the Greater Irvine Chamber

Globally Position Cities For Globally-Minded Companies

When a company needs to be successful in the Global Marketplace, they need to be in a city that makes since. In this episode we talk with Presidential E-Award recipient Linda Dimario, Excutive Vice President with the Greater Irvine Chamber in California about what they have done to be a 1st Choice, Master Planned City for Globally-minded companies.

Robin Brown with Grand Junction Colorado Economic Development Partnership

Recreational Companies Finding The Right Community

In this special GT Podcast Episode, we talk with special guest Robin Brown, Executive Director for the Grand Junction Economic Development Partnership. Robin shares with us what cities are doing to entice the Recreational Industry to their communities. It takes a special community and we’ll see how this small town is making big headlines for these companies!

GT Podcast – Episode 108


No matter the size of your company, finding the right 3PL partner can be challenging. To find one that can also assist in managing the logistics of your expansion or renovation projects can be a huge relief. We spend time this episode with Randy Tutor, Vice President of Approved Freight Forwarders and get insight on steps you can take and things to look for when identifying your next 3PL Partner.

Toni Boemi from the Port of Montreal

Porting On The Eastern Seaboard

This episode we head to the Eastern Seaboard and take a look at one of the hottest ports on the East Coast. The Vice President of Growth and Development for the Port of Montreal, Toni Boemi, shares with us some valuable insight on what to watch out for with the trend towards the use of mega-ships. Tony also provides some interesting benefits one might not think about when using a River Port. Finally, need to get a way? It seems the Port of Montreal is more than business as it has been booming with the cruise industry also.

Marty Wadle from RUAN

Tackling Challenges in The Trucking Industry

This episode we talk with RUAN’s Vice President for Supply Chain Solutions, Marty Wadle. Marty shares with us some valuable insight on the challenges trucking companies are facing and how to overcome them. Finding the right trucking company that can handle these challenges ultimately means they right choice for your business.