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  April 5th, 2017 | Written by

Arviem Protects Monitored Shipments With Secured Identification Technology

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  • Arviem to provide trusted visibility to products from production site to shelf.
  • Digitizing the supply chain from end-to-end.
  • Sharing information between stakeholders will help eliminate fraud from supply chains.

Arviem announced today its strategic partnership with SICPA, a global provider of secured identification, traceability, and authentication solutions and services. Thanks to SICPA’s integrated security solutions, Arviem will be able to provide complete visibility to the journey of products from the production site to shelf in a trusted way while protecting the integrity and value of the monitored goods. The solution will help in digitizing the supply chain from end-to-end and in ensuring a secure sharing of information between stakeholders.

Globalization and the emergence of new technologies have helped many companies to reimagine their supply chains which became more global, more complex and more vulnerable. When companies strive to improve their supply chains, for example for quality and sustainability reasons, all stakeholders in the supply chain need to be included in the initiative which means collecting a lot of data from many different sources. What sets successful supply chain improvement initiatives apart from the unsuccessful ones is the company’s ability to collect, measure and analyze data in real-time and from a trusted source.

Arviem’s market leading real-time cargo monitoring service will help companies enhance the visibility and integrity of their supply chains while providing business intelligence and ensuring product protection and regulatory compliance. Thanks to the smart data and insights provided by Arviem’s IoT technology based sensing devices, clients will be able to gain unprecedented visibility to the journey of their products and identify inefficiencies in the supply chain. Improved supply chain visibility will enable manufacturers as well as importers and exporters to digitize and optimize their supply chain processes and to verify the quality of their products while in-transit. The jointly developed service will help clients to eliminate fraud and illicit activities from supply chains.