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  January 30th, 2022 | Written by

4 Ways to Use Software Effectively For Logistics Recruitment

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  • Companies that invest in smart recruitment solutions can have an edge over the competition.
  • Recruitment software can uncover hidden talent within the organization.

HR managers in the logistics sector have a lot of challenges to overcome. One of the most significant is the lack of a sufficient talent pool. There is a rise in demand for logistical services. 

Many attribute this to the Covid-19 pandemic. More people now resort to online shopping and companies must work hard to satisfy the demand for supply chain logistics. Yet, there are not enough people to fill the job positions. This is mainly due to a widening skills gap. Older workers are opting for retirement while younger demographics are not lining up for jobs within the logistics sector. There is a significant lack of skills, experience, and qualifications. 

And, with such high demand for talent, HR must improve efficiency to attract the right candidates. The right software can provide the most effective solutions. We will explore how to use them in our article.  

Better Quality Candidates with Recruitment Solutions 

HR managers have for a long time depended on legacy systems to fill job positions. These include advertising open positions where they then go through the applications and narrow down on the best candidate. Then comes the interview process, final selection, and onboarding. 

Manual processes can take a lot of time and money. But now, with technological advances, there are recruitment solutions available. They increase efficiency by automating some of the tasks.  

The HR department gets access to:

-Powerful applicant tracking Systems (ATS) to create and manage databases. 

-Better quality job posting and distribution services.

-Advanced search capabilities for the right candidate.

-Data analytics that yields tons of insights for better decision-making.

-Intuitive onboarding for recruits.

-Third-party integrations such as CRM for nurturing relationships.

-Account and customer service management. 

HR recruitment software saves time that would go into manual processes. Automation leads to higher efficiency and streamlined workflows. It frees up the team to concentrate on other tasks.  

The Role of Candidate Relationship Management Systems 

With such a demand for talent within the logistics sector, it is easy to lose employees to competitors. HR has a critical role to play in retaining the existing workforce. That means constant engagement and finding ways to boost employee experiences.  

Investing in candidate relationship management systems can assist with this. The software helps in nurturing and managing candidates, right from the recruitment stage. Here is how it works. 

The company uses applicant tracking systems to develop a repository of potential candidates. And the recruitment CRM provides additional information on the candidate.  

HR can use the data to personalize their communication and engagement with recruits. And that’s not all. The CRM helps send out personalized emails, screening, interview scheduling, and running background checks.  

HR also gets data that can provide insights on the effectiveness of the recruitment strategies. 

Talent Sourcing and Matching Recruitment Solutions 

As stated, it can take a lot of time to go through each application to find the best talent. Recruitment software automates the process, thus increasing speed and efficiency.  

And, online recruitment software can search more platforms for the right talent. They scour job posts, social media platforms, and other online sites to get qualified candidates. 

The algorithms focus on factors like experience level, education, and industry knowledge to narrow down suitable candidates. It helps avoid bias, which is a big problem in recruitment.  

Talent matching software ensures the right person fills the job position. It focuses on the skill in relation to the job. It is expensive to hire someone only to later find out they are not suitable for the job.  

Better Candidate Experience with Recruitment Solutions 

With so much competition for talent in the logistics sector, employers must work hard to improve the candidate experience. Let’s take the example of lengthy recruiting processes. Candidates may view the long wait for feedback as a lack of interest and could move on to the competitors without a second thought. 

That means you lose out on the limited talent due to in-house inefficiencies. Automation can help increase efficiency, thus faster response to potential recruits.  

We have looked at the important role of candidate relationship management systems. Ongoing communication shows the recruits that they are top of mind. HR can keep the candidates up-to-date with what is going on. 

Such a simple step can help build positive brand perception. A good word from such candidates about how well you manage them will make the organization more attractive to others. 

Do you know that up to 69% of employees will share a negative candidate experience? 55% will not pursue a position in your company if they read a bad review. How the organization manages candidates is, therefore, a critical recruiting factor.  

Recruitment solutions with technologies like chatbots can improve the candidate experience. The bots provide quick responses to queries. The candidate does not have to wait a long time for information. Such tools are also fantastic for onboarding.  

HR simply uploads the information they would want to share with new employees. The latter can then, at their convenience, log in to access the information.  

Recruitment software can uncover hidden talent within the organization. It will go through the database to match potential candidates to open positions.  

That means there are chances for existing employees to move into jobs that are more suited to their qualifications. That forklift operator might be a fantastic salesperson. 

Further, the promotion can be a fantastic motivational factor. Finally, it will save the company money and time by not having to go through talent sourcing in the wider market.  

Final Thoughts 

The logistics sector is facing a tough time when it comes to recruitment. There are job opportunities available. But, companies are facing a challenge finding the right talent to fill the positions. That means, there is high competition for the limited pool of candidates. 

Companies that invest in smart recruitment solutions can have an edge over the competition. Applicant tracking systems, for example, help in the creation of databases. It helps save time which would go into placing job postings across various platforms.

Candidate relationship management systems increase engagement. They provide an excellent way to nurture relationships with industry talent. 

The use of recruitment software also enhances the candidate experience. HR keeps up with engagement and provides ongoing feedback. Finally, tools like chatbots provide prompt feedback to queries and can help with onboarding.