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  January 15th, 2017 | Written by

10-4 Systems and Paper Transport Announce Strategic Partnership

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  • 10-4 Systems and Paper Transport are working to complete an integration solution.
  • Shippers' customer service teams needs better information to share.
  • Supply chain visibility software saves costs by reducing manual, time consuming methods.

10-4 Systems, a provider of multi-modal shipment tracking in North America, announced a partnership with Paper Transport Inc. The two companies are actively working to complete an integration solution that gives users access to 10-4’s supply chain visibility software. This integration will equip mutual clients with supply chain visibility technology.

Paper Transport Inc., a transportation and technology company based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, now provides clients with the ability to access their shipments in real time. As a part of an innovative approach to transportation management, the company strategically leverages cutting-edge technology solutions like 10-4 Systems.

“Meeting with our shippers, I heard one need repeatedly,” said Joe Shefchik, vice president for business development at Paper Transport. “Our customer service team needs better information to share. For us, the partnership with 10-4 is the step to answer this customer request.”

10-4 Systems provides visibility into the entire supply chain. This visibility includes automated alerts and recalculated ETAs for shipments running late, on-time, in jeopardy, or late. Using real-time, geofenced locations, this carrier data enables the end user to share delivery windows for planning purposes. This information provides a unique customer service tool in the industry and can be shared via mobile, web and desktop notifications.

“Partnering with an innovative company like Paper Transport is exciting for both our company and our mutual customers,” said Travis Rhyan, CEO and President of 10-4 Systems. “With the high-quality data provided by Paper Transport, both their customers and our mutual customers will be able to access this data and share it in real time with their entire supply chain.”

10-4 provides an integrated, automated visibility portal connecting shippers, carriers, and brokers to track freight and provide delivery notifications. 10-4’s Freight Portal software and integration provides streamlined communication by giving companies end-to-end visibility of their inbound and outbound shipments. This technology enables the industry to save costs and reduce manual, time consuming traditional methods, while reducing the overall carbon footprint of the diesel-heavy transportation industry.