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Ocean Ports

The terms "port" and "seaport" are used for different types of port facilities that handle ocean-going vessels. Global trade is largely dependent on maritime transportation into these destinations. There are major ports in six of the seven continents, from Port Said in Egypt to Australia’s Port of Melbourne, to the Port of Santos in Brazil. Asia is home to many of the world’s busiest seaports; the Port of Shanghai is the largest in the world in both cargo tonnage and activity, followed by the Ports of Singapore and Hong Kong.

Icrebreakers would allow more shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade to carried through Arctic.

CFR: US Should Increase Strategic Commitment to Arctic

Deepwater Ports, Roads, and Telecommunications are National Requirements

“The United States, through Alaska, is a significant Arctic nation with strategic, economic, and scientific interests,” asserts a new Council on Foreign Relations-sponsored (CFR) independent task force report, “Arctic Imperatives: Reinforcing US Strategy on America’s Fourth Coast.” With the Arctic “warming at twice the rate as the rest of the planet” and melting sea ice… Read More

Infrastructure investments facilitate shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.



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