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  May 14th, 2024 | Written by

Sheer Logistics Unveils Advanced Solutions for Enhanced Supply Chain Efficiency

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During the opening day of FreightWeekSTL 2024, a week-long conference hosted by the St. Louis Regional Freightway, Sheer Logistics showcased its innovative technology aimed at improving supply chain visibility and efficiency. Rob Cook, Chief Technology Officer of Sheer Logistics, detailed the company’s recent growth and tech-enabled logistics solutions during Innovation Day on May 13.

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Growth and Innovation in Logistics Technology

Founded in Chesterfield, Missouri, in 2009, Sheer Logistics provides 4PL/Managed Transportation Services, logistics technology solutions, and 3PL/freight brokerage services. The company targets mid-market firms traditionally underserved by larger 4PL providers. Since its inception, Sheer Logistics has expanded significantly, managing global freight and opening offices across six U.S. states and in Mexico. The recent acquisition of CargoBarn, an Atlanta-based logistics provider, has doubled the company’s size and enhanced its truckload brokerage capabilities.

Recognized for CO2 Emissions Reporting

Sheer Logistics was recently awarded by Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine for its Scope 3 CO2e Emissions Dashboards powered by SheerExchange. This proprietary Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) captures and analyzes transportation data, enabling real-time reporting of Scope 3 CO2e emissions across all transportation modes. This technology is crucial as new regulations in California and Europe demand detailed emissions reporting.

Enhanced Visibility and Cost Management

The Scope 3 CO2e Emissions Reporting and Dashboards are central to Sheer Logistics’ mission of providing comprehensive supply chain visibility. The technology allows clients to track purchase orders, freight, and financials, down to SKU-level transportation costs. Cook emphasized the importance of integrating this data into clients’ ERP and TMS systems for actionable business intelligence.

The Role of AI in Logistics

Cook also highlighted the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the logistics industry, predicting that automation will be necessary to meet growing labor demands. He discussed AI applications like predictive and prescriptive alerts, which help manage and mitigate delays, enhancing supply chain resilience.

Strategic Location and Future Workforce

St. Louis’s strategic location and access to talent, universities, and waterways have fueled Sheer Logistics’ growth. Cook advised aspiring supply chain professionals to pursue relevant degrees and internships to gain practical experience in the industry.

Link to Session

Future Sessions and Insights

Moderated by Mary Lamie, Executive Vice President of Multimodal Enterprises for Bi-State Development, the panel underscored the transformative potential of enhanced supply chain visibility. FreightWeekSTL 2024 continues through May 17, featuring various sessions with industry leaders. For more information or to register, visit FreightWeekSTL.