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  June 25th, 2022 | Written by

Wiliot Revolutionizes Cold Chain Operations

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Using Wiliot’s new Reusable Transport Item (RTI) solution, Israel’s largest retailer becomes the first in the world to create an intelligent farm-to-store supply chain, continuously monitoring the location and temperature of produce to ensure freshness for its customers.

Wiliot, the Internet of Things pioneer whose IoT platform is
enabling trillions of everyday “things” to gain intelligence and harness the power of the cloud, today announced the Wiliot Reusable Transport Item (RTI) solution, built on the company’s
revolutionary Wiliot IoT platform.

Using Wiliot’s new Reusable Transport Item (RTI) solution, Israel’s largest retailer, Shufersal, becomes the first in the world to create an intelligent farm-to-store supply chain, continuously monitoring the location and temperature of produce to ensure freshness for its customers.

The new Wiliot RTI solution features the company’s IoT Pixels that can durably attach to ordinary plastic crates and make them smart using Wiliot Cloud services. This allows businesses to continuously track not only their reusable shipping assets, but also the contents
within. The IoT Pixels built into the RTI solution’s plastic crate are self-powered, postage stamp- sized computers that communicate wirelessly with the Wiliot Cloud and can sense a range of physical and environment conditions, such as temperature, location changes, as well as if the crate is full or empty.

When trillions of everyday things connect to the IoT—products, materials, shipping containers, and more—they transform how goods are made, distributed, sold, consumed, reused, and
recycled. In the process, an Internet of Trillions (IoT2) allows businesses to reinvent their supply chains to be more sustainable and create a truly circular economy that maximizes profit while
protecting the planet.

With the Wiliot RTI solution, businesses can monitor their containers – and the food, medicine, or other perishables inside – through proactive alerts of temperature thresholds. Such information helps companies maintain regulatory compliance as it brings food and pharmaceuticals safety to a level of accountability not possible before. Until now, temperature monitoring has been restricted to a subset of products in the supply chain, leaving gaps where quality issues can occur and the integrity of products can be compromised.

The ability to track shipping assets has an equally profound effect on operations. By achieving cost-effective visibility into each asset at each stage of the supply chain, businesses gain insight that can have a meaningful, measurable impact on capital savings. With the Wiliot RTI solution, they can learn what percentage of intelligent containers are being stocked and used; exactly how and where they’re being used; and, equally important, whether they’re not being used at all.

First Intelligent Farm-to-Store Supply Chain

Shufersal, Israel’s largest retailer, is already embracing real-time visibility through adoption of Wiliot’s RTI solution, creating a fully transparent supply chain from farm to store and ensuring
the timely delivery of high-quality produce, extending shelf life, and minimizing food waste.

In Summer 2021, Wiliot and Shufersal completed a successful pilot of Wiliot’s RTI solution and its ability to track the movement and condition of produce from the time it’s picked to its placement
in Shufersal stores around Israel.

Based on the successful pilot, Shufersal is now rolling out the Wiliot RTI solution throughout the country, deploying more than 1 million RTIs and installing wireless communications infrastructure to support roughly 250 farmers and distributors and 300 Shufersal stores. The solution will even include wireless readers and mobile network gateways on farmers’ tractors to ensure supply chain visibility out at the very edge.

To encourage widespread adoption, Wiliot is making its technology available in its Starter Kit and Partner Kit. The Wiliot Partner Kit includes IoT Pixels that users can attach to crates and pallets; bridge devices through which IoT Pixels communicate data wirelessly to the Wiliot Cloud; and Wiliot Cloud Services, which allow businesses to collect and analyze data from their IoT Pixels.

Wiliot works with many of the world’s largest and most innovative retail brands across apparel; food and beverage; and healthcare. The launch of the Wiliot RTI solution comes on the heels of a $200M venture capital round led by Softbank Vision Fund 2.

About Wiliot

Wiliot is a SaaS company whose platform connects the digital and physical worlds using its IoT Pixel tagging technology, computers the size of a postage stamp that power themselves in revolutionary ways. Our vision is to expand the Internet of Things to include everyday products, adding intelligence to plastic crates, pharmaceuticals, packaging, clothes, and other products, connecting them to the internet and changing the way things are made, distributed, sold, used, reused, and recycled.