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  April 15th, 2024 | Written by

Virginia and Baltimore Companies Unite to Solve Shipping Challenges Post-Bridge Collapse

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Following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, companies from Virginia and Baltimore have banded together to navigate the ensuing shipping challenges creatively. As debris clearance progresses, the supply chain faces hurdles, but collaborative efforts are paving the way forward.

Jason Pruitt, owner of Commercial Transportation Intermodal in Baltimore, acknowledges the ongoing complexities despite inventive solutions emerging. Temporary channels have been opened to mitigate the bottleneck, but rerouting cargo through Norfolk, Philadelphia, and New York presents its own set of challenges, particularly with drivers facing driving limit constraints.

Kacy Payne of Evans Delivery Company’s Land Transportation branch introduced the “Drop Lot” solution, easing the burden on Baltimore drivers. By allowing them to drop containers at a designated lot north of Richmond, Norfolk drivers can then take over for delivery to the Port of Virginia, and vice versa for cargo destined for Baltimore. This strategy helps drivers avoid exceeding their daily driving limits, enabling them to make two moves a day within allocated hours.

Ensuring proper insurance coverage during cargo transfers poses a significant hurdle, especially for smaller trucking companies. Larger companies like Evans Intermodal Transportation leverage their extensive network and standardized processes to streamline insurance transfers, offering support to smaller players.

To enhance efficiency and transparency, artificial intelligence (AI) technology will be deployed to track cargo possession throughout the supply chain. Kevin Speers of Splice, a Virginia Beach-based IT company, explains how AI will enable real-time tracking of truck and container information, facilitating seamless transfers.

Virginia Secretary of Transportation Shep Miller emphasizes Virginia’s commitment to assisting the Baltimore shipping community, endorsing innovative solutions like the Drop Lot.

As collaborative efforts between Virginia and Baltimore intensify, the shipping industry is adapting to the challenges posed by the bridge collapse, showcasing resilience and innovation in overcoming logistical hurdles.