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  February 25th, 2024 | Written by

Vienna Airport Elevates Cargo Operations in Strategic Partnership with Incheon Airport and Korean Air

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Vienna Airport is solidifying its position as a key cargo hub for Asian markets through strategic collaborations with Incheon Airport in South Korea and Korean Air. These agreements, recently finalized during a visit to Seoul, aim to bolster air cargo capacities between Europe and Asia to meet rising demand.

Julian Jäger, Joint CEO and COO of Flughafen Wien AG, expressed optimism about the enhanced partnership with Korean Air and Incheon Airport, highlighting the potential for Vienna Airport to become the premier air cargo gateway to Asia. He emphasized the importance of infrastructure expansion to accommodate the growing demand for air transport services.

The Memorandum of Understanding with Incheon Airport signifies a significant step in Vienna Airport’s Asian strategy, aiming to strengthen its regional position and establish itself as a top-tier air cargo hub in Europe. The collaboration aims to leverage each other’s expertise in areas such as handling processes and logistics systems.

Vienna Airport also solidified its longstanding partnership with Korean Air, extending over two decades. Joint marketing initiatives and knowledge transfer initiatives are set to enhance services tailored to freight forwarders and shippers, further cementing Vienna Airport’s role as a gateway to Central and Eastern European markets.

Geographically situated at the heart of Europe, Vienna Airport benefits from its prime location, efficiently connecting Central, Eastern, and South-East Europe with Asian markets. Recent infrastructure investments, particularly in pharmaceutical handling facilities, underscore Vienna Airport’s commitment to providing high-quality services.

Furthermore, Vienna AirportCity offers an ideal operating environment for logistics companies and other sectors, boasting direct road and railway connections, modern office infrastructure, and proximity to airport logistics facilities. With approximately 23,000 employees across 250 companies, Vienna AirportCity provides a comprehensive range of amenities, transforming it into a vibrant hub for business and leisure activities.