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  February 6th, 2024 | Written by

TT Club’s Initiative Targets Workplace Safety in Transport and Logistics

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TT Club, a renowned specialist in international freight transport and cargo handling insurance, is focusing on mitigating workplace injuries caused by falls from height, a leading cause of fatalities and injuries in various industries. Highlighting the inherent risks in transport, port, and logistics environments where elevated working locations are common, TT Club is emphasizing the importance of prioritizing safety to prevent accidents and injuries.

In its latest initiative aimed at simplifying complex risk issues, TT Club has released a new installment of TT Briefs titled “Understanding and Mitigating Risks of Working at Height.” This concise advice sheet offers practical guidance on steps to reduce risks, ensure workforce safety, mitigate injury claims, and safeguard against reputational damage in environments where working at height is unavoidable.

Introduced three years ago, TT Briefs are infographic-style advice sheets designed to provide easily digestible information on specific risks while also serving as visual reminders in the workplace. Mike Yarwood, Managing Director of Loss Prevention at TT Club, emphasizes the relevance of this latest Brief, noting the lack of consistent global regulations regarding at what height a worker is considered at risk of serious injury from falls. Therefore, TT Club’s guidance offers essential minimum measures for employers across various sectors to implement.

Recognizing the diverse operational conditions in the transport and logistics industry, the advice covers aspects such as infrastructure design, improved working practices, safe stowage of cargo, technological solutions like drones for inspections, and the deployment of fall prevention platforms. Additionally, it underscores the importance of comprehensive training programs and fostering a strong safety culture throughout operations.

Yarwood underscores the importance of effective communication in promoting best practices globally and TT Club’s commitment to delivering relevant insights based on the experiences of its insured. “Understanding and Mitigating Risks of Working at Height” reflects TT Club’s core commitment to safety and its ongoing efforts to assist operators in minimizing risks in their operations.