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  January 19th, 2017 | Written by

Trump, Trade Deals, and Tariffs

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  • Report delivers information for understanding global trade dynamics and evaluating new risks and opportunities.
  • The incoming Trump administration's trade policies will force policy reactions from governments around the world.
  • Corporations must reevaluate strategies and operate supply chains in light of Trump administration trade policies.

Panjiva, a global trade intelligence platform, unveiled a new report, the Panjiva Global Trade Outlook – 2017. The report serves to educate business and investment industry professionals on the policy, economic and logistics issues likely to shape the future of global trade as President-elect Donald Trump takes office. It highlights issues including the impact of important trade deals, the growth rate of imports based on Panjiva’s Combined Cargo Index, and industry-specific trade considerations for markets ranging from automotive to apparel and ammunition.

The incoming Trump administration has already generated buzz and speculation about the future of global trade through discussions of new tariffs, a potential renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and evolving relations with key suppliers like China. These conversations have ignited questions among the business and investment communities that require up-to-date, digestible intelligence on the state of global trade to guide their decision-making processes.

The Panjiva Global Trade Outlook – 2017, which includes visuals in addition to text, is designed to help those with a stake in global trade develop their 2017 strategies by providing analysis of the top trade trends from 2016, as well as insights into events and trends likely to take shape in the next twelve months.

The report addresses trade deals to track, including the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and the Environmental Goods Agreement; macroeconomic data trends, which reflect a potential increase in both imports and exports; shipping industry questions tied to mergers and acquisitions activity, rate recovery, and container services; and information about trade-sensitive industries such as consumer electronics, agriculture and toys.

“Global trade is at a crossroads,” said Chris Rogers, a research analyst at Panjiva.”The incoming Trump administration’s trade policies will not only impact the United States, but also force policy reactions from governments around the world. This will force corporations globally to reevaluate how they set strategy, operate supply chains and decide who to engage with. The Global Trade Outlook helps these professionals make better decisions in a fast-changing environment by identifying key issues and providing data-driven insights.”

The Panjiva Global Trade Outlook – 2017 is one of a series of reports that will be released by Panjiva Research, which combines data and technology with human analysis to make sense of global trade data against the context of business, economic and political events and trends.

Panjiva provides a structured data set that enables users to identify opportunities, spot risks, and understand trends in the $17 trillion global trade market. By aggregating, cleaning and analyzing hundreds of millions of shipping records, Panjiva makes it easy to visualize global trade data and answer key questions.