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  January 18th, 2024 | Written by

Trilatec’s squAIR-timber Lightweight Elements Transforming Air Cargo Industry

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Leading players in the air freight sector, including DHL, Kühne + Nagel, Lufthansa Cargo, Cargolux, and Emirates SkyCargo, are turning to trilatec’s innovative squAIR-timber product to enhance their air cargo operations. squAIR-timber, a cardboard fiber composite material, serves as a lightweight alternative to traditional wooden beams used in the assembly of air freight pallets, reducing weight by 80%. The product has become an integral component in the shipment assembly process for these major players, contributing to fuel cost savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Manufactured from 100% recyclable paper with cold-glued joints following the carbon principle, squAIR-timber offers significant weight savings without compromising load-bearing capacity. The weatherproof material can support up to 5 tons per meter with a mere 1.2 kilograms dead weight per meter, compared to the 3 to 4 kilograms per meter with traditional wood. The product aligns with sustainability goals, as it can be reused or returned to the recycling cycle after use. Certified for air freight use, squAIR-timber can be placed under all containers and pallets.

Johannes Bruijs, Sr. Vice-President Global Logistics at Cargolux, highlights the seamless integration of squAIR-timber in the assembly of pharmaceutical shipments, emphasizing its weight advantages and positive impact on CO2 reduction. The lightweight construction elements not only enhance efficiency but also save handling time, requiring only one person for assembly without the need for a forklift truck.

Andreas Langemann, Managing Director of trilatec GmbH, notes the added value squAIR-timber brings to leading companies in the air cargo industry. The product has proven to be a reliable and sustainable alternative, with potential fuel savings of around 1,200 tons per year for airlines like Cargolux, equivalent to three fully loaded jumbo jets.