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  December 26th, 2023 | Written by

Trax Technologies Secures Recognition as a Leading Software and Tech Provider in Supply Chain Visibility

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Trax Technologies, a global leader in Transportation Spend Management (TSM) solutions, has been honored with the Top Software & Tech Award for 2023 in the Supply Chain Visibility category. Presented by Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics, this accolade highlights Trax’s innovative contribution to the supply chain space with its Transportation Spend Management platform.

Steve Beda, Executive Vice President of Customer Success at Trax, emphasized how the company’s cloud-based technology is revolutionizing transportation management and sustainability. Trax’s Freight Audit and Payment (FAP) solution uniquely positions it to offer data-driven tools and expert advice on supply chain sustainability.

Trax’s Carbon Emissions Manager, an add-on solution within the platform, provides industry leaders with crucial data related to emissions factors, travel distances, and insights into CO2 and other greenhouse gases. This platform empowers transportation leaders to calculate and address scope 3 emissions, meeting global standards like EN 16258 in Europe. The Carbon Emissions Manager also facilitates compliance with upcoming SEC climate reporting requirements in the United States, starting in 2025.

Beda expressed pride in Trax’s role as a SaaS plus service-based technology company, enabling customers to focus on key priorities, including climate considerations. The recognition as a Top Software & Tech Provider underscores Trax’s commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that drive end-to-end visibility, efficiency, cost savings, and environmental responsibility in the transportation spend management realm.

The Top Software and Tech Provider award features distinct categories for Small Business (<$50 million) and Enterprise (>$49 million), with sub-categories including Procurement/ERP Software, WMS/TMS Software, Warehouse Automation, Robotics, and Supply Chain Visibility Solutions. Trax’s acknowledgment in the Supply Chain Visibility category reflects its impactful contributions to enhancing transparency and efficiency in the global supply chain.