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  September 3rd, 2023 | Written by

Top Reasons on Why it is Better to Buy Refurbished IT

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When it’s time to purchase a new laptop, there’s an alternative you may not yet have considered, Refurbished IT. Before dismissing the suggestion, it’s worth spending a few minutes exploring the reasons behind such a statement. To begin with, a refurbished laptop has many advantages, particularly with regard to protecting the environment, sustainability and high performance. Why is it better to buy refurbished IT? Let’s find out.

What is the Meaning of Refurbished?

There is a clear difference between refurbished and second-hand IT. The latter means it’s a laptop that has been used and is sold as seen. Whatever faults the laptop may have, such as water damage or overheated components, they come with it. That’s the main reason why second-hand IT rarely has a warranty. Once you discover its shortcomings, there is no chance of receiving a refund or a replacement.

Although a refurbished laptop has usually endured plenty of action, it’s sold in virtually perfect condition. That’s because it has been completely overhauled by experienced IT technicians. They test every component including the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Any faults are expertly repaired or if that’s not possible, the component is replaced. By the end of the procedure, the refurbished laptop is thoroughly tested and inspected, ensuring it provides the same level of performance as when it was new.

Reassurance of a Warranty

When purchasing a refurbished laptop from a trusted company, you’ll find several safeguards. These may include a full refund within fourteen days if you are not satisfied with the laptop’s performance. You’ll generally receive a warranty that lasts as least twelve months.

Many such companies even offer extended warranties, which should provide you with plenty of reassurance about the quality of their work. You may even be offered regular servicing, ensuring an excellent performance throughout its lifetime.

An Opportunity to Acquire a Powerful Laptop

When you choose a refurbished laptop, you are assured of a reliable, up to date machine at a cost-effective price. Personal laptops can often be 50% less than their original cost, yet their performance is as good as new. If you’d like to upgrade to a business model, a reputable company usually offers a wide range of high performance refurbished laptops.

These may have once been part of an IT department in a large company that has a policy of replacing its equipment on a regular basis. It gives you the opportunity to select a business model at a cost-effective price. In many instances, you can save as much as 80% compared to a new equivalent.

Refurbished Laptops are Secure

When purchasing a second-hand laptop, it might still include data and files from the previous user. By contrast, a refurbished laptop is expertly cleansed. Reputable ITAD companies use various methods such as wiping or overwriting data to render it completely unreadable. In many instances, particularly with business models, the hard drive is usually shredded and replaced.

When purchasing refurbished equipment from a trusted supplier, you won’t inherit someone else’s data. The devices are also reliably checked for security. It ensures they don’t contain hidden code or malicious spyware. You can use a refurbished device with confidence, knowing it’s safe and secure.

Why is it Better to Buy Refurbished IT?

Without doubt, one of the greatest advantages in choosing a refurbished laptop is sustainability. Refurbishing is a strategy that protects the environment while making the most of available resources. It’s an essential part of the circular economy where nothing goes to waste.

According to Forbes, an astonishing 155,000 tons of electronic waste is deposited in UK landfill sites every year. On average, it’s the equivalent of every person discarding 23.9 kilograms of e-waste. Many of the devices are thrown away even if they are still perfectly usable simply to make way for the latest model.

Companies specializing in IT Asset Disposition recycle all the e-waste they collect. If a laptop or component cannot be reused, its valuable metals are retrieved and recycled. Even plastic materials are recycled for alternative use.


When purchasing refurbished equipment from a reputable company, you’ll usually find powerful, up to date laptops that won’t cost a fortune. They are reliably secure and endorsed by a warranty and optional servicing. Most importantly, you’re helping to protect the environment from harmful e-waste. Refurbishing also reduces the demand for raw materials. Purchase a refurbished laptop and you gain reliable sustainability with the benefits of a circular economy.