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Top 3PLs In Specialty Cargo

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HQ: Blue Bell, Pennsylvania | Global

CLX offers comprehensive chemical industry logistics through its ChemLogix division. Its innovative services and solutions include Sterling TMS Optimizer, which allows for the efficient planning and execution of both inbound and outbound shipments, as well as CapAssure LX, a freight brokerage service aimed at helping small and mid-size chemical companies keep their loads covered at competitive rates if they lack the depth of carrier relationships. CLX’s Mike Skinner says that kind of forward, technological know-how allows CLX/ChemLogix to solve its customers’ most vital logistics challenges by “leveraging chemical industry expertise with best-of-breed technology to deliver measurable, sustainable value.”

HQ: Eagan, Minnesota | North America

As a longtime innovating leader in the heavy-haul category, Dart doesn’t just think outside of the box—it has taken upon itself to reinvent the box. Its many innovations between 1970 and 1990 increased cubic trailer capacity by nearly 40 percent, and its more recent Eco Fleet equipment—including Eco Tractor and ultralight Eco Trailer—can carry an extra 10 percent weight. Dart President Dave Oren says customers are excited about hauling “more freight with fewer trucks” as well as fewer dollars spent—less fuel consumed—and a smaller carbon footprint.

HQ: Des Plaines, Illinois | Global

CEO Ann Drake says her company’s great strength is the ability to “re-think, re-design and adapt those strategies, systems and solutions when needs and conditions change.” That is certainly true in the healthcare industry, which DSC began to devote extra focus to about 25 years ago. Realizing that healthcare supply chains require a special type of expertise and adherence to strict licensing and compliance criteria, DSC focused on developing those skills and acquiring the necessary licenses and certifications. This adaptable, knowledgeable and nimble company has dedicated an entire department of a logistic center to creating promotional displays for Bristol-Meyers Squibb, and done the necessary analysis to completely transform the supply chain of medical device manufacturer Zevex.

HQ: Broomfield, Colorado | Global

NGL was the first same-day air courier company and that attention to detail and deadlines has served it well as a provider of medical logistics solutions. The company, which in 2013 acquired Medical Logistic Solutions (MLS), is a leader in same-day delivery and distribution, combining process, technology and industry knowledge for customers who routinely have a need for on-demand services and an occasional need for same-day air, next-flight-out shipments. NGL creates efficient same-day courier routes for the proper handling of laboratory specimens, organs, blood, pharmaceuticals, confidential records and other mission critical items.

HQ: Reading Pennsylvania | Global

The name Penske is synonymous with cars, and so it comes as little surprise that about half of this logistical giant’s operations involve the automobile industry. That includes such iconic global brands as GM, BMW and Ford, for whom Penske is lead logistics provider having established 10 Origin Distribution Centers and trained more than 1,500 suppliers on a uniform set of procedures and logistics technologies. That kind of overarching ability and expertise is one reason that Penske Logistics was given the North America Corporation of the Year Award by Automotive Supply Chain magazine; this a year after the same publication named it North America’s Third Party Logistics Provider of the Year.

HQ: Miami, Florida | Global

Ryder has been serving the automotive industry for nearly half a century, becoming in that time the largest automotive lead logistics provider and supporting operations of the world’s leading OEMs and their suppliers across North America. Ryder regularly receives awards from the industry—it was recognized in the “Third Party Logistics Company” category at the recent Automotive Global Awards—and also hosts conferences on automotive logistics. The company is even published on the subject, arguing that any manufacturer can improve its supply chain by following how Ryder does automotive, i.e. by “creating standard requirements for suppliers” and having a “plan for every part.”

HQ: Gainesville, Georgia | Noth America

In just its fifth year, Syfan is going about the business of expanding its over-the-road fleet. “Our business has always been asset-based with a fleet of trucks to supplement our expansive network of carrier partners,” says Jim Syfan, CEO. “We’re responding to customer demands for even greater accessibility to equipment.” The company, which specializes in the transport of food, especially refrigerated poultry, delivers to points across the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Syfan Expedited moves the highest priority loads with the most demanding schedules; the company’s experience in poultry has given it a unique knowledge regarding deadline-oriented product shipping.

HQ: Haddonfield, New Jersey | North America

Tucker does a lot of things well, but perhaps nothing as important as what its Government Services team has done for decades when handling records, projects and general freight in support of relief work for authorities during emergencies such as forest fires, hurricanes and on 9/11. Tucker has moved freight for the U.S. Mint and transported helicopters and boats for the military. The company is such a recognized leader in the field that CEO Jeff Tucker published a well-reasoned, in-depth article in Defense Transportation Journal titled “A Logistics Roadmap for the New American Military.”

HQ: Santa Fe Springs, California | North America

Weber operates food-grade warehouses in California, Arizona and Utah. Its four decades of experience serving companies in the food, beverage and confectionary industries make it adept at all manner of services, whether it’s receiving temperature-controlled rail containers of fruit juice, storing them and loading trucks for final store delivery, or warehousing and shipping candy to regional retailers using Weber’s refrigerated trucking services. The company has always focused on protecting its customers from being penalized by retailers for late shipments, which is why, according to Director of Quality and Compliance Mimi Ma, Weber had its engineers upgrade its WMS to “make the verification process fast, simple and foolproof.”

HQ: Mahwah New, Jersey | Global

When it comes to customers, Wen-Parker President Steven Emanuel believes you have to go big. Fond of saying “[Customers] don’t come to us to save a few pennies,” Emanuel and his company do everything they can to maximize clients’ supply-chain efficiency. That means customizing programs or services and utilizing the latest in-house technology to enable clients to monitor the shipment lifecycle and provide them with automated status notifications while shipments are in transit. The company has particular skill when it comes to fashion and cosmetics, offering end-to-end freight forwarding and supply-chain solutions as well as such fashion specialties as garments on hanger (GOH), origin consolidation and pick and pack.