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  November 6th, 2023 | Written by

The World’s Best Import Markets for Strawberries

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When it comes to importing strawberries, there are several countries that dominate the global market. These countries not only have a high demand for strawberries but also possess the necessary infrastructure and resources to import and distribute this fruit efficiently. In this article, we will explore the top import markets for strawberries and delve into key statistics that highlight their significance in the industry. According to data from the IndexBox market intelligence platform, the world’s top 10 import markets for strawberries in terms of import value in 2022 are as follows:

1. United States – $1.1 billion

2. Canada – $434.4 million

3. Germany – $351.2 million

4. United Kingdom – $261.2 million

5. France – $198.6 million

6. Netherlands – $125.6 million

7. Italy – $100.1 million

8. Belgium – $95.1 million

9. Hong Kong SAR – $81.5 million

10. Austria – $73.9 million

These figures indicate the substantial import value of strawberries in these countries, reflecting their strong consumer demand for this fruit.

1. United States

As the largest import market for strawberries, the United States holds a significant share of the global import value. With an import value of $1.1 billion in 2022, the country’s demand for strawberries remains robust. This can be attributed to various factors such as its large population, diverse culinary culture, and the popularity of strawberries in various food products.

2. Canada

Canada ranks second in terms of import value for strawberries, with $434.4 million imported in 2022. This indicates a consistently strong demand for strawberries among Canadian consumers. The country’s colder climate and shorter strawberry-growing season drive the need for imports to meet the demand throughout the year.

3. Germany

Germany takes the third spot with an import value of $351.2 million in 2022. The country has a well-established agricultural industry and a high consumer preference for fresh produce. The demand for strawberries remains steady, not only for fresh consumption but also for use in desserts, jams, and other food products.

4. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom imports strawberries worth $261.2 million, making it the fourth-largest import market. The country’s population and strong agricultural trade contribute to its significant demand for strawberries. The popularity of strawberries as a versatile ingredient in desserts, beverages, and other food products also drives its import value.

5. France

France imports strawberries worth $198.6 million, securing its fifth position among the top import markets. The country’s culinary tradition places great emphasis on the use of fresh and high-quality ingredients, which includes strawberries. French consumers appreciate strawberries in various forms, making it an essential import market for this fruit.

6. Netherlands

With an import value of $125.6 million, the Netherlands ranks sixth in the list of top import markets. The country has a highly developed horticultural sector and serves as a major distribution hub for fresh produce in Europe. Strawberries are in high demand within the country and also serve as a crucial export commodity.

7. Italy

Italy stands at seventh place with an import value of $100.1 million. Despite being renowned for its own agricultural production, Italy’s demand for strawberries exceeds its domestic supply. Consequently, the country relies on imports to fulfill the preferences of Italian consumers throughout the year.

8. Belgium

Belgium imports strawberries worth $95.1 million, securing the eighth position in the global import market. The country has a strong preference for fresh produce and offers a significant market for strawberries. Importing strawberries ensures a steady supply to meet the demands of Belgian consumers.

9. Hong Kong SAR

Hong Kong SAR imports strawberries worth $81.5 million and ranks ninth on the list. Despite its small size, Hong Kong SAR has a well-developed food industry that caters to the demands of its dense population. The import value of strawberries highlights the fruit’s popularity and usage in various culinary applications within the region.

10. Austria

Austria concludes the list of top import markets with an import value of $73.9 million. The country’s demand for strawberries is primarily driven by its affluent population and their high preference for fresh, high-quality produce. Importing strawberries ensures a consistent supply for Austrian consumers.

These top import markets play a crucial role in the global strawberry trade, driving demand and shaping industry trends. By understanding the import values and key statistics of these countries, industry professionals can make informed decisions and strategize their operations accordingly. IndexBox market intelligence platform provides valuable insights into these import markets and facilitates data-driven decision-making for businesses operating in the strawberry industry. With its comprehensive database and accurate statistics, the platform offers a reliable resource for understanding market dynamics and planning effective strategies.

Source: IndexBox Market Intelligence Platform