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  December 25th, 2023 | Written by

TeamViewer Accelerates Smart Factory Innovation with Strategic Investments in Manufacturing Analytics and IoT

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TeamViewer, a global leader in remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions, has announced significant investments in two innovative smart factory companies, Sight Machine and Cybus. This strategic move, involving a low double-digit million EUR investment, underscores TeamViewer’s commitment to advancing the digital transformation of industrial workspaces and the convergence of Information and Operation Technology (IT & OT).

Investment in Sight Machine – Unlocking Data-Driven Manufacturing

Sight Machine, a U.S.-based company and Microsoft partner, offers a manufacturing data platform that collects, structures, and analyzes data from manufacturing operations. Leveraging AI applications, Sight Machine provides insights into areas such as quality control, overall plant performance, and predictive maintenance. This investment establishes TeamViewer as a major shareholder in Sight Machine, with representation on its Board of Directors. The collaboration aims to enhance manufacturing efficiency through a joint product offering and a collaborative go-to-market strategy.

Jon Sobel, Co-Founder and CEO at Sight Machine, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the shared commitment to leveraging data’s power for shaping the future of smart factories.

Investment in Cybus – Advancing Industrial IoT Solutions

Cybus, a German software company specializing in industrial IoT solutions for large-scale manufacturing environments, has developed a data hub that facilitates seamless communication between diverse devices, machines, and processes in smart factories. TeamViewer, as the lead investor in Cybus’s current financing round, will actively collaborate and provide strategic guidance as part of the advisory board. This partnership aims to address the challenges of industrial digitalization and enhance manufacturing efficiency.

Peter Sorowka, CEO at Cybus, emphasized the significance of partnering with TeamViewer to tackle the complexities of industrial digitalization and collectively contribute to improving manufacturing processes.

Fostering Evolution in Smart Factory Solutions

These strategic investments in Sight Machine and Cybus position TeamViewer as a key player in enterprise software at the intersection of manufacturing infrastructure, IT systems, and data analytics. Oliver Steil, CEO at TeamViewer, highlighted the logical progression of investing in shop floor digitalization and factory connectivity, underscoring TeamViewer’s role as a catalyst in shaping the future of industrial digitalization.

TeamViewer’s comprehensive solutions, spanning IT and embedded devices, have established the company as a standard in remote connectivity. This move into smart factory solutions aligns with TeamViewer’s vision to drive innovation and productivity across diverse industries.