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Specialized Services

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Founded 1983 | Domestic | Asset & Non-Asset Based
Though the company, which began with founder Victor Finnegan as a one-man, same day courier operation, grew to include services such as warehousing and distribution and fulfillment, it still places a heavy emphasis on specialized, time-critical deliveries such as medical and legal courier service as well as a white glove and same-day service that includes a feature called Direct Drive which picks up packages/freight within 30 minutes and delivers it immediately with no other stops made.

Founded 1919 | Global | Non-Asset Based
Deringer’s consulting and advisory services are customized to help clients deal with tightened and changing security and operational measures that can bog down a supply chain. Whether importing or exporting, the consequences of non-compliance can include costly penalties, civil claims, adverse publicity, shipping delays and the retroactive assessment of duties. Deringer brings together specialized experts in logistics compliance, customs, financial/audit services, legal representation and advocacy, preparing clients to compete in world markets by offering discerning regulatory compliance advice.

Founded 1923 | North America | Asset & Non-Asset Based
CT’s proprietary freight rating and processing software has helped it become one of the largest in the field of freight bill audit, payment and transportation management consulting. FreitRater provides clients with an accurate forecast of freight bills, enabling them to budget for shipments. AuditPay provides customers with an accurate pre-audit and payment of freight bills while PostAudit provides a systematic review of freight bills and vendor invoices to bring to light incorrect rates, duplicate payments and clerical errors.

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EMO emphasizes two things in its customs services. First is the timely release of cargo. EMO’s “single carrier accountability” merges transportation and clearance functions so that a client gets its cargo released quickly, optimizing its supply chain. But foremost EMO emphasizes compliance mindful that not only keeps operations, and goods, flowing but gives customers a level of confidence that their cargo will remain safe and secure no matter what part of the world it finds itself in.

• FULL HOUSE Logwin Logistics has more than 4,300 employees operating across six contents, serving industries such as chemicals, automotive and high-tech. (photo: logwin)
• FULL HOUSE Logwin Logistics has more than 4,300 employees operating across six contents, serving industries such as chemicals, automotive and high-tech. (photo: logwin)

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With more than 4,300 employees operating on six continents, Logwin transports goods by truck, rail, air and sea and offers a full range of services to major industries such as chemical, automotive, high-tech and fashion. The company’s services are bundled into two business segments, one of which called Solutions offers customized contract logistical solutions and has its own transport and logistics networks in the field of media and for the consumer product industry with special expertise in textiles.

Founded 2002 | Global | Non-Asset Based
MIQ offers flexible logistical solutions supported by web-native technology and global management capabilities making it able to handle everything from children’s books to mining equipment. A recent customer needed to move 174 pieces of oversized cargo, totaling 325 metric tons, from the U.S. to a petro-chemical plant in Northern Iraq. MIQ not only got the equipment to Iraq quickly but deftly handled customs and clearance and delivered the cargo to a destination more than 500 miles from the Iraqi port.

Founded 1971 | Global | Asset & Non-Asset Based
NGL is one of the nation’s leading medical courier companies, combining industry knowledge, strong relationships and specialized employee training to help customers and partners achieve their patient care goals. Medical Logistic Solutions specializes in creating efficient, same-day courier routes for the proper handling of laboratory specimens, organs, blood, pharmaceuticals, confidential records and other mission critical items such as speeding up the newborn screening process at various hospitals, a critical service that translates to lives saved.

Founded 1970 | Global | Non-Asset Based
This full-service transportation and logistics provider, with more than 75 locations throughout North America, recently announced it was adding retail services to its menu of solutions. Pilot will now manage and coordinate the logistical requirements associated with store planning and designing as well as visual merchandising. Under the new service, Pilot will expand its work with brick and mortar retailers on projects ranging from opening new locations to rolling out seasonal displays.

Founded 2012 | Regional | Asset & Non-Asset Based
Specializing in “last mile” solutions, Progistics takes pride in delivering the most responsive, cost effective last mile solutions, operating with maximum efficiency by using innovative technology through its own proprietary software platform featuring full EDI capacity, real time tracking, multi-mobile apps, Smart Warehouse inventory control and customizable reports and links. Progistics’ management team is focused on any issues related to last mile and has a wide range of resources with which to deliver.

UNIGROUP logistics
Founded 1964 | Global | Asset Based
UniGroup is a $1.7 billion transportation company best known for being the parent company of corporate moving giant United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit, equally dominant names in residential moving. Between those two companies, UniGroup is involved in a third of all professional interstate moves. UniGroup has created related companies to support its main moving services such as Vanliner Group, which provides specialized insurance coverage and Total Transportation Services, which sells and leases vehicles and moving supplies.

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