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  January 4th, 2017 | Written by

Sino-Global Develops Logistics Strategy

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  • Sino-Global seeking greater recognition in U.S.
  • Sino-Global in transportation agreement with COSCO Beijing International Freight.
  • Sino-Global in strategic cooperation agreement with Sinotrans Guangxi.

Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd., a non-asset based global shipping and freight logistics solution provider, has signed an inland transportation agreement with COSCO Beijing International Freight Co., Ltd. (COSFRE Beijing).

COSFRE Beijing will utilize Sino-Global’s logistics platform to arrange for the transportation of its container shipments into U.S. ports. Sino-Global has also entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Sinotrans Guangxi, a subsidiary of Sinotrans Limited.

Under the agreement with COSFRE Beijing, Sino-Global will receive a percentage of the total amount of each transportation fee in exchange for the arrangement of inland transportation services for COFRE Beijing’s container shipments into U.S. ports. Sino-Global has worked to expand its business to provide logistics services to customers who ship goods into the U.S. and COSFRE Beijing will receive a percentage of Sino-Global’s profits for any additional customers the company obtains through referrals.

As a part of the agreement with Sinotrans Guangxi, the two companies will work together to establish an integrated logistics plan that provides an end-to-end supply chain solution for customers shipping soybeans and sulfur from the U.S. to southern China in containers. Sino-Global and Sinotrans Guangxi intend to utilize both parties existing resources. The integrated full-service logistics channel is expected to include freight forwarding, trucking, customs filings, packing, and inland transportation.

“This agreement with COSCO Beijing provides us with an opportunity to broaden our customer base and utilizes our newly established website platform,” said Lei Cao, chief executive officer of Sino-Global. “The collaboration between Sino-Global and Sinotrans Guangxi is expected to provide an integrated one-stop shop solution for both our customers located in the United States and China. Sinotrans Guangxi’s parent company is a leading logistics service provider in China and we anticipate that this collaboration in addition to providing a full-service integrated solution for our customer will bring awareness to the company and strengthen our business operations in the United States.”