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  March 24th, 2024 | Written by

Revolutionizing Customer Service: Wren Kitchens’ Dynamic Routing Solution Yields Substantial Savings

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Wren Kitchens, a prominent kitchen retailer in the UK, has recently implemented a cutting-edge routing solution provided by Descartes Systems Group, a global leader in logistics solutions. This dynamic appointment scheduling and route optimization tool has not only transformed their operational efficiency but also led to significant cost savings amounting to £2 million annually.

Lee Holmes, Transport and Logistics Director at Wren Kitchens, highlighted the company’s need for a more robust appointment booking system as they expanded their operations. With Descartes’ solution in place, Wren Kitchens now efficiently manages appointments, allowing for 2-hour time slots and optimizing the scheduling of surveyors’ visits to customers’ homes for project estimates.

The impact of this solution on Wren’s productivity has been remarkable. Surveyors are now able to complete 56% more customer appointments, resulting in a substantial reduction in the overall cost per appointment. The optimization of travel routes and schedules not only increases the number of appointments per day in a given area but also reduces mileage, fuel consumption, and associated costs. Wren Kitchens has achieved a 13% reduction in annual fuel costs, equivalent to approximately 354,000 fewer miles driven.

Descartes’ routing solution, a part of its cloud-based last-mile delivery suite, offers flexible and efficient time windows and delivery options to meet dynamic delivery requirements, including same-day delivery. By leveraging advanced optimization technology, the solution maximizes delivery capacity, enhances the productivity of mobile resources, and minimizes the distance driven per delivery.

Furthermore, the integration of GPS-based mobile applications ensures seamless coordination between drivers, dispatchers, and call centers, enabling efficient route execution and handling of exceptions. Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) streamlines the delivery process, while self-service customer engagement allows real-time order tracking. Notably, the solution also contributes to delivery sustainability by reducing CO2 emissions, driving fuel savings, and eliminating paper-based manifests and documents.

Gary Taylor, VP Sales, EMEA, Descartes, emphasized the transformative impact of efficient routing solutions for companies like Wren Kitchens, which rely on service-driven vehicle fleets. Such solutions not only optimize operational performance but also enhance the overall customer experience, overcoming challenges associated with rising customer demands and labor shortages.

In conclusion, Wren Kitchens’ adoption of Descartes’ dynamic routing solution exemplifies a strategic investment in innovation to drive operational excellence and deliver exceptional customer service.