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  October 17th, 2023 | Written by

Porto Itapoá Shatters Records with Stellar Import Performance and Customer Excellence in 2023

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Porto Itapoá Achieves Best Month for Imports in 2023
In a triumphant milestone, Porto Itapoá, a renowned Brazilian port, marked its highest volume of imports for the year in September 2023. The port handled an impressive 12,891 containers, making it the second-best month in the history of the port, second only to March 2021 when they managed 13,129 containers. This remarkable performance was spurred by various supply chains, with machinery and its components leading the way at 30% of the total, followed by metallurgy and steel at 24%, plastic and plastic products at 23%, and chemical products at 23%. Cássio Schreiner, the President of Porto Itapoá, explained that the end of the year typically sees a surge in imports, driven by year-end festivities and the industry’s preparations for the upcoming year.

China Dominates as the Primary Source of Imports

China continued to be the primary source of imported products, accounting for a staggering 83% of the imports that passed through Porto Itapoá in September. Schreiner highlighted that the port boasts the shortest import transit time from Asia among the cluster of ports in southern Brazil, providing importers with greater operational certainty and meeting production deadlines. Chile followed as the second source, contributing 10% of the total, with India as the third, supplying 7% of the imports.

Notable Rise in Export Crossdocking Operations

September was not only remarkable for imports but also for export crossdocking operations, a format in which exporters send loose cargo on trucks to be packed into containers within the terminal. Porto Itapoá broke records, handling 2,218 containers, surpassing the total for the entire year of 2022. Major contributors to this operation were the paper and wood pulp supply chain, responsible for 64% of the total, and plastic and plastic products, accounting for the remaining 36%. Crossdocking simplifies the process for customers, eliminating concerns about returning containers to shipping companies and avoiding transport costs and potential penalties for late returns.

Top Export Destinations

The primary destinations for exported goods included China, constituting around 60% of the total, Singapore at approximately 24%, and Spain at 18% of the total.

Customer Excellence Recognized

Porto Itapoá clinched the title of the best port in Brazil for customer experience, an award bestowed by the Iberian-Brazilian Institute for Customer Relations (IBRC). The port also scored the highest customer satisfaction index in Brazil (SSI – Sales Satisfaction Index) and maintained its reign as the leader in NPS (Net Promoter Score) for the sixth consecutive year, reflecting the willingness of Porto Itapoá’s customers to recommend its services to others.

Setting New Records

In an astounding start to the second half of 2023, Porto Itapoá broke its monthly handling record with an impressive 99,396 TEUs (20-foot containers), signifying a 10% increase from July 2022’s figure of 89,880 TEUs. This achievement marked the third time the port broke its monthly record in the same year, demonstrating a substantial 18% growth compared to the same period last year.

New Service to Europe

Adding to its impressive offerings, Porto Itapoá introduced a major service known as LUX, launched by ONE (Ocean Network Express) and Cosco Shipping in July 2023. This service, characterized by weekly stopovers, now connects Europe and the Mediterranean to the east coast of South America, expanding the port’s reach and capabilities.