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  February 19th, 2024 | Written by

Porto Itapoá Implements Electric Vehicle Patrols to Reduce Carbon Emissions

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In a strategic move aimed at enhancing sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, Porto Itapoá has partnered with surveillance company Segurpro to introduce electric vehicles for motorized security patrols within the terminal premises. This initiative is expected to result in a significant reduction of over four tons of carbon emissions annually, equivalent to the distance covered by the vehicle in its annual 36,000-kilometer rounds.

Porto Itapoá’s Port Security Manager, José Aurélio Kalfeld, emphasized the shared commitment to excellence, sustainability, innovation, and security between the two companies. He highlighted the environmental benefits of the transition to electric vehicles, stating that the 100% electric vehicle will have its batteries recharged at Porto’s own facilities, eliminating the need to travel to gas stations.

Kalfeld also pointed out the operational efficiency gained by recharging the vehicle within the port premises, thereby avoiding risks associated with trips to gas stations and ensuring uninterrupted security coverage at the Terminal.

This move aligns with Porto Itapoá’s broader commitment to energy transition and sustainability. The company has implemented various measures aimed at reducing its carbon footprint, including winning the gold seal of the GHG Protocol for the second time in 2023 and investing over US$40 million in new autonomous RTGs that consume up to three times less fuel than conventional ones.

Furthermore, Porto Itapoá has revised its energy acquisition policy to consume only energy from renewable sources in its new contracts. This transition is certified by I-REC(e), a global renewable energy attribute tracking system, reinforcing the company’s dedication to promoting sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact.