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  December 11th, 2015 | Written by

Pilots’ Union Pulls Out of Cargolux Talks

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  • Cargolux: The pilots’ union “declared unexpectedly…that they considered the negotiations had failed.”
  • Union representatives say the proposed agreement did not prevent Cargolux from outsourcing pilots jobs.
  • On December 2 Cargolux announced it had reached an agreement in principle with unions.
  • The Cargolux pilots’ union denied an agreement had been reached.

Collective bargaining between Cargolux management and the unions were cut short after the pilots’ union LCGB pulled out of the talks.

According to a statement released by the Luxembourg-based all-cargo airline the union “declared unexpectedly…that they considered the negotiations had failed as management was not prepared to accept their demands.”

Union representatives were quoted in a Luxembourg newspaper as saying that the language of the proposed agreement did not prevent Cargolux from outsourcing pilots jobs.

These developments come on the heels of an announcement December 2 by Cargolux that an agreement in principle had been reached with unions. LCGB denied an agreement had been reached, stating instead that recent negotiations “brought new movement to the…negotiations.”

The negotiations for a new collective work agreement at Cargolux began in September 2014. The most recent agreement expired on November 30. The union polled its members in advance of the contract expiration and 94 percent approved a strike if no agreement could be reached.

“LCGB and its members are seemingly unable to accept their responsibility for job security and growth in Luxembourg and to accept the necessity of inevitable change,” said the Cargolux statement, of the most recent developments. “Cargolux cannot help but wonder about the reliability and credibility of a social partner who agrees on certain compromises, only to negate their own decisions days later.”

According to Cargolux, the earlier agreement in principle covered the main terms “and the final wording hinged solely on items relating to pilots.” The company had already reached agreements with unions representing ground staff.

The airline claims that LCGB has “raised new claims and consistently showed little if any willingness to compromise on items concerning their flying members and representatives.”

Cargolux claims that LCGB was invited to produce a complete list of their remaining demands for management’s consideration and the union refused to do so.