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  September 27th, 2023 | Written by

Package Theft is on the Rise: Here’s how Shipping Companies can Prepare for the Holiday Season

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Over the course of the pandemic, the rate of porch piracy peaked as online shopping surged. With people steadily trickling back to the office, porch piracy incidents will only grow in number, with packages being left at empty homes unguarded. Porch pirates stole 260 million packages estimated at $19.5 billion in 2022, impacting a huge swath of consumers — nearly eight out of 10 Americans had packages stolen from them that year.

The holiday season is fast approaching, driving up the rate of online shopping and with it, the rate of porch piracy. Additionally, when people go out of town to visit family, their packages will be left unattended. To combat this trend and gain peace of mind heading into the busiest e-commerce season, shippers need comprehensive coverage that includes protection specifically for porch piracy as well as other safeguards like shipping insurance with tracking.

Porch piracy prevention

Given the prevalence of porch piracy, there are several measures shippers can take to thwart theft before it occurs. Providing delivery timeframes and accurate delivery tracking may seem like simple solutions, but they can have a big impact. According to a consumer sentiment survey conducted by logistics leader Descartes ShipRush, 74% of consumers ranked delivery tracking as extremely important when it comes to home deliveries.

Shippers can even leverage delivery tracking to further engage their consumers with branded communications and notifications. A successful tracking program will enhance the customer experience, building confidence and brand loyalty.

Shipping protection for the inevitable

Knowing that prevention measures can get ahead of many piracy attempts, but not all of them, shippers should look into shipping protection to recoup the inevitable losses that will occur. Shipping protection should be regarded as a kind of safety net that helps shippers recover from packages that are stolen upon delivery.

Shipping protection not only safeguards the financial interests of the shipper, but also cultivates the trust of the customers who rely on their purchases arriving intact. Innovative products like Descartes ShipRush Total Shipping Protection enable shippers to easily add tailored protection to their shipments that includes package theft, ensuring they’re covered even after they’re left at the door.

Unlike carrier liability, which often entails coverage gaps and long wait times for claims, the right shipping protection will ensure comprehensive coverage with a frictionless claims process. Claims submissions shouldn’t take weeks to resolve, with shippers waiting on mailed documents and endless phone calls just to get reimbursed for their lost goods. Shippers should find a solution that delivers instant claims payments with straightforward filing, and around-the-clock support whenever and wherever they need it.

The advantages of buying shipping protection from logistics providers

When considering shipping protection, businesses have the option to choose between obtaining coverage from a shipping provider or seeking third-party sources. There are several companies that specifically sell package theft or other types of insurance, but opting for coverage from your shipping provider comes with a set of distinct benefits. 

Firstly, shipping providers can provide a more seamless experience that integrates with existing services including package tracking — no need to worry about managing multiple platforms or integrations. They can also provide more a more customer-centric claims experience that streamlines the submission process, for instance, by automatically filling out forms with existing data. 

In general, shipping providers possess an in-depth understanding of their delivery network and potential pitfalls, enabling them to tailor protection that meets the needs of their customers. They have long-standing relationships with carriers that enables them to offer an end-to-end customer journey, without the need for additional legwork.

As porch piracy continues to pose a hazard to the e-commerce landscape, shippers must remain steadfast in their commitment to package security and customer trust. The inevitability of package theft necessitates a robust shipping protection program to avert disastrous losses. Through a smart combination of prevention and protection, shippers can navigate the waters of porch piracy and ensure a smoother, more secure delivery experience for all.