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  October 18th, 2023 | Written by

NOKERA Partners with 4PL Central Station to Revolutionize Construction Logistics

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NOKERA, Germany’s pioneering green-tech unicorn in technology-based, timber-based serial production, has forged a collaboration with 4PL Central Station AG (4PLCS) to streamline its road transport logistics operations. NOKERA’s innovative, fully integrated technology platform combines planning, production, assembly, and services for building components using serial timber construction techniques, all within a standardized system.

This long-term partnership encompasses the coordination of procurement logistics for raw materials at NOKERA’s production sites, extending to the delivery of system components to assembly sites.

4PLCS, a neutral fourth-party logistics provider (4PL), will empower NOKERA to centrally manage its entire supply chain, including factories, warehouses, suppliers, and external logistics and transport partners, via a single central interface. At the core of this management process is the Digital Control Tower, where 4PLCS standardizes administrative processes and automates them. This includes transport service tenders, freight cost verification, and damage management. By the second quarter of 2024, NOKERA will integrate the Control Tower into its management systems, providing real-time status reports and enabling quality measurement and cost allocation.

The transport management system (TMS), developed in-house by 4PLCS, is an integral part of the Control Tower and employs artificial intelligence to calculate CO2 emissions and predict volume and transport equipment requirements, ensuring efficient and environmentally friendly supply chain operations.

“As an independent, neutral fourth-party logistics provider, we are taking transport logistics in the construction industry to new heights. NOKERA will benefit from digitized, automated processes, ongoing transparency, and performance assessment through key performance indicators. Continuous monitoring of each step in the supply chain enables NOKERA to proactively address issues and respond flexibly to volume fluctuations,” explains Alexander Bauer, Group Chairman, Owner, and Founder of 4PLCS.

“With 4PLCS’s support, NOKERA can minimize the usual disruptions and discrepancies encountered in the construction industry. The connection to 4PLCS’s Control Tower offers NOKERA an all-in-one solution that will significantly contribute to its success in the construction sector,” adds Olivier Bauer, Group CEO, Owner, and Founder of 4PLCS.

“At NOKERA, our mission is to revolutionize the construction industry and promote sustainability in the building sector. Achieving this relies on economies of scale and renewable materials. Digital control and intelligent efficiency management are fundamental aspects of the NOKERA system. With an in-house production ratio of over 80 percent, logistics play a critical role. We are thrilled to have found a partner in 4PLCS, leveraging their cutting-edge expertise and tools to support our mission,” says David Stampfli, Chief Supply Chain Officer at NOKERA.