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  October 19th, 2016 | Written by

NAM Has Infrastructure Agenda for Next President

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  • NAM CEO: “Our failing infrastructure is an embarrassment for our nation.”
  • U.S. ability to compete in the global economy is being held back by infrastructure disrepair.
  • Infrastructure will be the NAM’s signature issue going into 2017.

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has released “Building to Win,” a new initiative to revitalize the United States’ failing infrastructure. In a vote by the 121-year-old association, the initiative was unanimously adopted by the NAM Board of Directors.

Both major party presidential candidates have indicated their desire to address infrastructure needs in 2017. As plans move forward, the NAM will work collaboratively to encourage the next president and lawmakers to address the most pressing infrastructure priorities and to ensure that investments not only strengthen manufacturing in the United States but also deliver world-class infrastructure for the American people.

“Building to Win”identifies many of the most serious infrastructure challenges in America, offers solutions to problems and provides a menu of possible funding options to consider to pay for the more than $1 trillion investment that is needed.

“Our failing infrastructure is an embarrassment for our nation,” said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons. “Our ability to compete successfully in the global economy is being held back by roads and bridges in disrepair and ports and airports operating beyond capacity. America’s infrastructure is vital to the future of manufacturing in America—to acquire materials for game-changing products, to get our employees to work and to transport what we make to consumers in our country and around the world. Whether it is the astounding costs borne by businesses and individuals because of delays and detours or the inadequate means to get products to market and keep costs down, transportation infrastructure in America needs both an urgent fix and a modern reimagining.”

Infrastructure will be the NAM’s signature issue going into 2017, and manufacturers are mounting a major effort now to help candidates and lawmakers in Washington understand what America needs to build to win in a competitive global economy.

The NAM also launched an advertising campaign featuring a newly released video that exposes the extent of our infrastructure needs and the opportunity for manufacturers and our nation’s policymakers to build toward progress.

“The presidential candidates are offering their support for infrastructure renewal, and bold action in Washington is finally within reach,” said Timmons. “Manufacturers want to make sure that money is not wasted and lawmakers tackle the real problem so we can build world-class, 21st-century infrastructure.”

NAM’s priorities include relieving highway bottlenecks and repairing crumbling highways and bridges; upgrading runways and airports; deepening ports and enhancing intermodal connections; expanding public transit; streamlining regulations to reduce the cost of infrastructure; and promoting new energy infrastructure investments.