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  January 9th, 2024 | Written by

Mitsubishi Corporation Invests in ThinkIQ to Accelerate Smart Manufacturing Solutions in Japan

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ThinkIQ, a trailblazer in digital manufacturing transformation, has secured an investment from Mitsubishi Corporation, marking a collaborative effort to expedite the adoption of smart manufacturing solutions in Japan. The investment, the terms of which were not disclosed, signifies Mitsubishi’s commitment to driving digital transformation across its industrial supply chains. ThinkIQ’s open platform, developed in collaboration with global smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiatives, aligns with Mitsubishi’s vision for advancing digital capabilities.

Doug Lawson, CEO of ThinkIQ, expressed gratitude for the recognition from Mitsubishi Corporation, emphasizing the platform’s ability to enhance the efficiency of complex manufacturing supply chains. The strategic partnership and Mitsubishi’s investment aim to broaden market reach and accelerate efforts to provide end-to-end visibility in supply chain management.

Yoshiyuki Watanabe, Division COO of Mitsubishi Corporation, highlighted the meticulous research and diligence in selecting ThinkIQ as the technology partner to drive digital transformation in industrial supply chains. Anticipating a significant impact, Watanabe emphasized the potential of ThinkIQ’s solutions to improve yield, quality, safety, and compliance while minimizing waste and environmental impact. The investment reflects Mitsubishi’s confidence in ThinkIQ’s innovative platform and leadership in digital transformation for the manufacturing sector.

ThinkIQ’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform establishes comprehensive visibility on the manufacturing shop floor, connecting to legacy and smart equipment, IoT sensors, and operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) systems. The platform aggregates relevant data into a single analytics platform, providing context, meaning, and discoverability for all participants in supply chain and manufacturing operations. ThinkIQ Vision introduces vision-processing software combined with advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, utilizing standard cameras on the shop floor as sensors to eliminate blind spots and enhance data for Continuous Intelligence.