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  December 11th, 2023 | Written by

Logistics Plus Successfully Executes Complex Delivery Amidst Ukraine’s Ongoing Challenges

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Logistics Plus, a global leader in transportation and logistics, recently accomplished a formidable task—overseeing the delivery of 22,000 tons of essential gas pipes to Ukraine’s Port of Chornomorsk. This achievement, marking the first non-grain, U.S.-managed ship to reach the port since the onset of the war, showcases the company’s commitment to excellence in the face of demanding circumstances.

Challenges arose during the project as Russia’s withdrawal from port access agreements and subsequent bombings of Ukraine’s port infrastructure forced Logistics Plus to reroute the shipment through Romania’s Constanta Port. This strategic move enabled the safe and efficient transport of the gas pipes to Ukraine, involving multiple modes of transportation, including ships, barges, and over 1,000 truck shipments.

Teams from Logistics Plus across China, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, and the USA played crucial roles in planning and executing the project. Despite ongoing assaults on Ukraine’s port infrastructure, the company successfully delivered the final shipment to the Port of Chornomorsk, demonstrating its global risk management capabilities and dedication to overcoming logistical challenges.

Jim Berlin, Founder & CEO of Logistics Plus, highlighted the operation as a testament to the company’s ability to navigate complex challenges, emphasizing the collaborative effort of international teams. With over 27 years of service, Logistics Plus continues to be a reliable logistics partner, overcoming obstacles to meet client needs and support communities worldwide. This recent operation adds another proud chapter to the company’s successful history across 50+ countries.