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  December 31st, 2016 | Written by

Kalitta Air Pilots Win Improvements In New Contract

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  • Negotiations between Kalitta Air and its pilots spanned six years.
  • The Kalitta Air pilots' contract passed by 93.2 percent.
  • Kalitta Air pilots receive 55 percent increase to hourly pay rates in new contract.

More than six years after contract negotiations began, Kalitta Air pilots ratified a new contract with the airline last week. The contract is a major victory for pilots and their families, according to the union that represents them, and will bring about significant improvements in job security, scheduling, benefits and pay.

Kalitta Air operates a fleet of Boeing 747 aircraft in support of the global network of DHL Express, a division of the German logistics company, Deutsche Post DHL. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Teamsters Airline Division and Local 1224 represent the pilot group.

Voting on the tentative agreement began on November 30 and closed on December 20. The contract passed by 93.2 percent, with 234 of pilots voting yes and only 17 voting no.

The four-year agreement provides industry-leading scope and job security protections, reduced duty period limits, and enhanced rest provisions. It also contains improvements in benefits, protections for pilots who fly cargo into war zones or geographic areas experiencing acts of terrorism, and a 55 percent increase to hourly pay rates, as well as incremental raises through 2020.

Many of the contract improvements will help to reduce attrition and attract new pilots to the airline.

“This contract is yet another ratified agreement with improvements for our members in the Airline Division,” said Capt. David Bourne, director of the Teamsters airline division. “Our pilots will be bringing home significant raises, better benefits and job security wrapped in a strong Teamster contract this holiday season.”

“The Kalitta Air pilots have been fighting for years to achieve a contract that allows hard-working pilots to support their families,” said Teamsters Local 1224 President Daniel C. Wells. “Their grit and unity throughout negotiations is a testament to their commitment to secure real changes. It has taken years, but today Kalitta pilots were finally heard.”