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JD.com Announces Alliance to Improve Crossborder Ecommerce

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  • Global brands will work with logistics providers to develop integrated platform.
  • Integrated platform will more easily track imports through customs clearance into China.
  • Sales of imported diapers, wine, and home appliances are growing quickly on JD.com.

JD.com Inc., China’s largest retailer online or offline, launched a new crossborder alliance, bringing together 20 brands, industry authorities and logistics and transportation companies, to improve the processes for bringing imported products to China.

Over 20 famous global brands and platforms, including Walmart, Huggies, Danone, Sasa, Rakuten, and eBay, will work with Kuehne+Nagel and Agility Logistics Ltd. and the China Inspection and Quarantine Association to develop an integrated platform through which goods can more easily be tracked through customs clearance into China.

The new initiative is in line with JD.com’s broader efforts to improve traceability across selected SKUs on the site. In addition to improving and speeding up the import process, JD.com aims to eventually use the new program to provide more transparency to Chinese consumers, who are increasingly quality-conscious and want to know that products are from overseas if they are described as being imported.

JD’s more than 236 million customers are buying fresh foods, consumer goods, baby and maternal products, and other items from overseas. A growing number are shopping on JD.com because of JD’s reputation and guarantee of authentic, high-quality products. In July, a one-day promotion of Canadian goods on JD.com led to the sale of over 140,000 live lobsters from Canada, which were delivered in as little as 48 hours. Sales of imported diapers, wine, home appliances, and many other products are also growing quickly. During this year’s June 18 sales campaign, JD sold 1,000 tons of baby milk power, and 100 million pieces of diapers on its cross border platform JD Worldwide.

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