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Founded 2000 | Global | Asset & Non-Asset Based
Singapore-based APL moved forward to add to its already sizeable Asian footprint by adding a new container freight station in North Jakarta and outlined plans to establish a Sri Lankan hub. APL has five locations in Indonesia, using its diverse menu of technological solutions to coordinate with 280 factories to consolidate and export cargo for overseas buyers. In the past three years, the company has seen its cargo handling volume grow by 10 percent

Founded 1997 | Global | Non-Asset Based
To optimize logistical performance, CLX works with clients to develop solutions aimed at optimal control of their supply chain. That demands a clear strategy arrived at through analysis of key performance indicators and an understanding of best industry practices. The company knows that a single approach is never the answer and employs a “Flexible Engagement Strategy,” a team approach that assigns an account manager as well as a member of the company’s executive team to each client with whom it works.

Founded 1930 | Global | Asset & Non-Asset Based
Dachser has long been viewed as a trendsetter whether converting its entire truck fleet to standard freight containers that could be moved by truck or rail in the 1970s or implementing cutting edge communications technologies in the ’80s. From its German base, the company is developing a Miami gateway to Latin America where it will consolidate cargo such as machinery, spare parts and consumer goods, from Europe, Asia and the U.S. and ship it south.

Founded 2000 | North America | Non-Asset Based
LynnCo is recognized within the industry for pushing the envelope on technology and innovation that helps customers simplify their logistics while enhancing supply-chain performance. Through the use of Lean Logistics or its web-based tech suite, Suite Edge, or for its forward-thinking use of data visualization, LynnCo is using the latest solutions to achieve the ultimate goal of efficiency and profitability—witness a recent example where a client’s supply-chain costs were reduced 32 percent while sales grew 22 percent.

Founded 1996 | Global | Asset & Non-Asset Based
While MD Logistics employs the latest technology to deliver cost-effective solutions to its customers, it believes a good deal of that depends on services being delivered in a timely manner, which is why the company’s most innovative aspect may be that it develops and empowers its employees to make quick, decisive and ultimately cost-saving turnkey solutions to clients in vertical markets such as life sciences, pharmaceuticals, retail and consumer goods as well as transportation services.

• OUTSIDE THE BOX Menlo Logistics collaborated with General Motors in 2004 to form Vector SCM and recently was awarded a Lean GOLD certification. (photo: menlo logistics)
Menlo Logistics collaborated with General Motors in 2004 to form Vector SCM and recently was awarded a Lean GOLD certification. (photo: menlo logistics)

Founded 1991 | Global | Non-Asset Based
Specializing in the integration of all functions across the supply chain, from sourcing of raw materials through product manufacturing to distribution, Menlo has long been setting trends and turning heads—whether it was collaborating with General Motors in 2000 to form Vector SCM, a role model for logistics provider business, or when it was recently awarded a Lean GOLD certification recognizing its devotion to continuous improvement and attention to quality assurance through root-cause analysis.

Founded 1909 | Global | Asset Based
With more than 100 years of experience offering innovative services and products—the company maintains technical centers for research and design in Italy, Wales and India—Meritor is always looking for new ways to help its customers expand and is currently active in more than 70 countries. Its Aftermarket Service, a technology-based, voice-activated, parts-order system allows for highly productive distribution operations and advanced demand-forecasting, improvement in inventory turnover and streamlined access to global customers and suppliers.

Founded 1951 | Global | Non-Asset Based
Being one of the largest 3PLs in the world—operating more than 130 value-added distribution centers and 34 brokerage offices worldwide—helps OHL provide integrated supply chain management solutions to customers around the globe. OHL’s three management systems—labor, warehouse and transportation—are renowned for working together seamlessly to provide a transparent supply chain experience and giving visibility to the data needed to make adjustments that may affect a customer’s experience.

Founded 1864 | Non-Asset Based
Donnelley’s innovative technologies enhance customers’ ability to communicate more effectively by working to create, manage, produce and distribute content on behalf of clients. With a global patent portfolio of more than 700, Donnelley supports the communication objectives of clients by providing dynamic, interactive communications. For this, Donnelley was ranked No. 47 in InformationWeek’s Information 500 list of the most innovative users of business technology, demonstrating, the magazine’s editors said, “a pattern of technological, procedural and organizational innovation.”

Founded 1907 | Global | Asset & Non-Asset Based
The big just keep getting bigger: This American giant has announced it will build a health care distribution center in the Netherlands dedicated to health care shipments, especially those requiring temperature-controlled resources. Anticipating a significant jump in the needs of pharmaceutical companies requiring cold-storage infrastructure, forward-looking UPS also has acquired a Polish pharma logistics company which specializes in exactly such warehousing and transportation. Meanwhile, the Netherlands facility is scheduled to be operational by January.

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